How to Get Disfellowshipped from Jehovah’s Witnesses

There are many things to get you kicked out, or disfellowshipped from Jehovah’s Witnesses. Here is a basic list of things. If you do them and aren’t sorry and express sincere remorse, you will be counseled in a back room and voted on judicially by men in the congregation. Your counselors will not be trained therapists, police officers or have legal experience. They will be elders who are appointed to decide whether you get to stay or go. Know any other offenses? Leave them below.

(Note: the following list is not recommending that you do these things dishonestly or commit any sins. It is to show the list of things that others have been disfellowshipped from Jehovah’s Witnesses for, and bring a bit of humor to the way the article is presented.)

    How to get disfellowshipped from Jehovah’s Witnesses quick and in a jiffy: Things that will get you booted out fast.
  • Talk against Watchtower doctrinal teachings and prove them wrong using scriptures.
  • Call the religion a cult to any other JW, who will then tell another JW, who will then tell another, and soon you’ll get a phone call to come in and get judged.
  • Learn the history of JWs and tell another JW, who’ll then tell another, who’ll then tell another. This works quickly.
  • Hang out with other former JWs and tell an elder’s wife how much fun you had.
  • Accept that Jesus is God.
  • Accept that Watchtower Society is not the sole channel between God and man.
  • Attend a holiday party
  • Celebrate any holiday
  • Vote for the next upcoming President
  • Salute the flag
  • Collect Christmas plates, or any holiday related antiques or collectibles.
  • Listen to, read or watch anything a former JW says regarding Watchtower JW history, and repeating it to other JWs.
  • Get friendly with those who oppose JWs.
  • Buy and eat demonic cereal (ex: Lucky Charms, Smurfs, etc),  candy or baked goods.
  • Buy Harry Potter and tell an elder’s wife.
  • Watch R.C. Sproul on YouTube and take notes. Tell an elder about the new stuff you learned from Dr. Sproul and don’t be sorry.
  • Take a blood transfusion for any reason.
  • Commit a sin and don’t grovel to elders when caught. Only apologize to God, and tell them that apologizing to God is bible based.
  • Listen to heavy rock music.
  • Give a gift with holiday wrapping paper on it to an elder’s wife for fast action.
  • Admit you found out that Jerusalem was destroyed in 586 BC instead of 607 BC.
  • Take an evolution class in college.
  • Wear tight pants
  • Wear tight fitting workout clothes
  • Attend a heavy metal concert
  • Say you got arrested
  • Say you smoked marijuana and liked it (not advised)
  • Pretend to smoke a Cigarette
  • Be found on Facebook or Social Media discussing anything that is against the JWs teachings.
  • Celebrate New Years Eve by going to New York City.
  • Put up Christmas lights on your window
  • Read books that are denounced by Watchtower Society
  • Support the United Nations
  • Give to Catholic charities
  • Work with any church to perform fundraisers.
  • Attend a funeral in a non-JW church
  • Attend a wedding in a non-JW church
  • Eat the bread and drinking wine (if you do not profess to be anointed).
  • Buy a Harley Davidson and take it out door to door. Wear a leather jacket with a cross on it.
  • Wear a T-shirt that says “Jesus Saves”.
  • Wear a T-shirt that says “Saved by grace”.
  • Meet with a pastor or other outside clergy member and begin to learn from him.
  • Warn the elders that you’re aware of multiple false prophesies. Ask how God could speak through false prophets. Don’t accept any answer.

Have more ways to get disfellowshipped? Share them below!

Proof of Jehovah’s Witness leaders advising JWs to abandon their friend or family member who has left or been disfellowshipped from Jehovah’s Witnesses. Click here for a Disfellowshipping Article found on

5 thoughts on “How to Get Disfellowshipped from Jehovah’s Witnesses”

  1. Brilliant.
    I have tried a lot of them and still had to bow out by fading.
    Loved the outcome.
    Kind Regards,

  2. I just had to tell them I was gay and they started calling me names like the pharisees did! I guess that saved me trouble, seeing it this way!

  3. This is not about the Bible or Religion. This is about decisions that affects Constitutionally protected rights; The right to pursue happiness and enjoy your family and close associations; To equal protection and a minimum standard of judicial process where due process, and rights to a fair tribunal are essential. Instead, these paramount decisions are being tried in kangaroo courts who’s whimsical disregard for basic human rights are rampant. They abuse elders and use their kangaroo court to judicially bully the people. The bias and perfectly unethical behavior create an animus inconsistent with any type of Judicial Objectivity. Thousands of citizens have been subjected to these ‘judicial commitees’ where life altering decisions are made frivilously and as a result, families are destroyed, ties to children, parents, grandparents and grandchildren are severed, close friends and associations are threatened with the same treatment if they even dare say ‘hello’ to you, leaving any support system, completely unavailable and removed. Age is not considered, leaving multitudes of elder citizens fully abandoned and alone. Business customer base is instructed to turn their back and not use the business anymore. Once disfellowshipped by this kangaroo court they call ‘judicial committee’, suddenly, they find themselves isolated and shunned from the congregation, leaving them without friends, family or business associates to turn to in case of health problems, physically or spiritually. In some cases this creates such dispair that they commit suicide.
    In the instant case is a 74 year old man, baptised JW over 60 years ago. He is married, has 4 grown children all of which are JW, some have children. All of his friends, family and associations for 60 plus years have been members of JW in one capacity or another. Retired, and committed to field service but strapped with the struggles of his bed bound wife, he was unable to take any authorative positions within the congregation, although it was offered. Bible studies gives him the greatest joy, therefore, helping others develop spiritually becomes his top priority. Imagine his surprise when the elders called him to tell him they wanted to meet with him the next day to discuss disfellowshipping him for ‘brazen conduct’. First, he couldn’t recall the word brazen ever used in a Bible so he had to look it up. Second, where it is used, it changes the context of the verse. Brazen describes bold and shameless conduct but it replaced the word ‘lewd’. Everywhere lewd was used it intentionally refers to sexual misconduct. Three incidents over the course of about five years are attributed to the elders disfellowshipping him for ‘brazen conduct; 1. He pulled an elder aside to gently and privately correct something said by him on the podium. 2. After 4 years of study with an individual, the elders decided they wanted this Bible student to study with the elders wives (student previously had declined), unwilling to go against the students wishes, he continued studies with the student. Finally, he left a message on the answering machine of a congregation member after he had been disfellowshipped. The message offered spiritual uplifting but somehow was illegally copied and obtained by the elders. By using this recording in this ‘judicial committee’ meeting is a Breach of Confidence. Had this ambush been considered in a proper judicial setting, this tape recording should have been excluded, time to prepare would have been given, representation should have been allowed and redress (appeal) should have the power, authority and history of overturning prior decisions. Unfortunately, at no time was anything stated or brought up by him considered. Clearly, they had made up their minds and were merely going through the motions as judgement had already been passed. They do have an appeal procedure, but, the appeal committee has no history of overturning the judicial committees decision. So once again, going through the motions.
    Written on the inside cover of the elders manual “Sheparding The Flock Of God” (The Flock) is a statement forbidding anyone but elders to touch the book. The Flock, procedurally details a judicial committee course of action that completely fails to meet a minimum standard of due process . Adequate notice is not provided for, a fair and objective tribunal is not provided, it is to be done behind closed doors with no witnesses or recordings, representation is not allowed. Elders use these judicial committees to hide administrative abuses against individuals, and anyone who cares for them, and to harass them into conformity. The elders cover and justify actions, claiming to be accountable only to Jehovah, allowing The Flock rules to govern over State and Federal laws, which in the past, has proven to give safe harbor to pedophiles. Certainly, not a history worth repeating.
    In 1971, the Watchtower mauraded the peaceful congregation of JW and have ruled with Tyranny, no accountability, and completely unchecked since. For example, through the publication of NWT 2015, elders and the Governing body are changing scripture and literally writing themselves into history. If anyone questions the changes in doctrine, they are labeled an Apostate and disfellowshipped. Fear controls the congregation, threats to destroy their family, home and businesses, to have their human rights trammeled upon and oppression imposed. The WT organization has isolating policies to socialize only through the congregation, violation of which could subject one to disfellowshipping. Opinions expressed will be kept track of and quashed and a subsequent witch hunt in the interest of disfellowshipping. Their basic human rights to a fair, honest and open tribunal where the decision “subjects arbitrary interference with privacy, family, home or correspondance, and attacks his honour and reputation” are violated each time they disfellowship one of thier own. They ignore their age, health and well being, they discriminate, systematically and spuriously, the whole time claiming Jesus elevated him to that authoity. Without a second thought they cause them to suffer alone, with no support, they destroy any family unity, even cutting off business ties. Reputation that has taken a lifetime to build, marginalized and ruined, neighbors doors will be knocked on so they can spread the propaganda into your nieghborhood. The complete and utter destruction of a human life. Forced to operate by a rule book that is kept secret and we are instructed not to touch it. When asked how and when he can become part of the fellowship again, the elders, informed him that he will need to swear allegiance to the Governing Body as though they themselves are the new God. Because of his conscience he will never be able to do that.
    But this is not a plea to be accepted back into the fellowship or reverse a disfellowship. This is a plea to force transparency and accountability. A plea to have a fair, unbiased tribunal consider the issues and settle them promptly and with judicial objectivity. This is how it was when he was baptized, not this theocratic order that places certain members above others. The efforts of this Governing Body has catapulted the peaceful congregants of JW into a cult style Tyranny that must change and/or be removed. As such I offer these thoughts on change:
    A culture is a deeply embedded set of values and beliefs that determine, to a greater extent, how individuals react to various situations. But if that culture does not promote merit and efficiency, it can prove to be disastrous. It needs to change and adapt to the evolving needs of its stakeholders (congregants).
    1. We must understand the existing culture.
    a) What drives a particular sort of behavior and what factors trigger different practices.
    2. We need outside help.
    a) Experts in judicial transparency, accountants, consultants.
    b) Elimination of secret rules, create uniformity.

    3. A Top-down approach.
    a) Examine GB to determine which aspects need altering.
    b) The changes cannot come from issuing a memo or instruction.
    c) A voting system to serve the majority.
    d) Supervision to demonstrate electors are activelying implementing change.
    Last, and most important,
    4. A oversight system formed where congregants, in each congregation, will have the freedom to actively ensure accurate doctrines and publications without fear of reprimand.

    Thank you for reading, I hope the point is clear that we must force transparency in all matters. Lives are at stake with these kangaroo courts taking place too frequently and our brothers and sisters are suffering and feeling abandoned, let down and always in their darkest hours of need.

    “Without oversight, it is the human, that must resist the temptation to take advantage… and if Satan wins the day, the human will become THAT evil slave (Matt24:48, Luke12:45). -Amy Engelhardt
    Judicial oversight was maintained by holding judicial matters at the city gate, wide open, transparent, where everyone interested can be a part of it, hear it, speak, observe. (Note: NWT 2015, places where ‘older men’ used to be has been replaced with ‘elder’ [classic case of changing doctrine])
    De12:32 Every word that I am commanding you is what you should be careful to do. You must not add to it nor take away from it.
    De25:7 “Now if the man does not want to marry his brother’s widow, his brother’s widow should then go to the elders at the city gate and say, ‘My husband’s brother has refused…
    Amos5:15 Hate what is bad, and love what is good, Let justice prevail in the city gate. It may be that Jehovah the God of armies…
    De21:19 his father and his mother should take hold of him and bring him out to the elders at the gate of his city.

  4. I’m a JW, my wife got disfellowshiped for smoking. She got counseled 3 times. The Elders said the 3rd time they have to do it. I don’t agree with it. You need love and encouragement from the congregation to get throu your hard time,not shunning. Would Jehovah and Jesus kick you to the curb if you have a battle with smoking? If we all walk in sin, why does the Elders make judgement upon us? Only Jehovah can judge his own children. Me and my wife want to do Jehovah’s will, and have a chance for Everlasting life on earth. They’re so many religions out there. Which one can you go to for the right path? We don’t believe in the false holidays. I came a long way spiritually. I hope becoming a JW wasn’t a mistake, with all the negativity towards them. I’ll just pray and hope to have some positive response to my situation. Thanks for an ear. Mike

  5. Hi Mike. I’m so sorry I just found your comment. I hope you’re doing ok now. (Please read this to the end!) I understand your position. In fact, my grandma was df’ed for smoking in 1975. She lost her family because of it. It ruined her. She tried everything. Smoking is an extremely hard habit to break.

    The good news is, you can have a relationship with God, but it has to be from the heart. You do not in any way need meetings for it. The apostle Paul went and taught and evangelized. He was not a JW. Neither was a single person in the Bible. Did the apostles celebrate any holidays? Likely not. Did they attend meetings and underline the Watchtower? Come now. You know brother, exactly what you need to have a relationship with God. A Bible, a heart, a spirit that yearns for Christ, a desire to live holy, and that equals faith. Knowing that God is there, He is listening, He loves you dearly, and He requires faith alone. The Holy Spirit does the cleansing work.

    As for your wife, she can pray upon the matter. She will have to lean on God and do so in full faith, knowing that when He wills so, He will give her the will. However, please remember that the apostle Paul had his thorn in the flesh and why did God leave it there? To keep his humility in order. Your wife should not think for even a moment that God will take her salvation from her for smoking. No such thing, friend. Faith alone. To suppose that you can keep all commandments and live sinless is to actually go far beyond what is biblical. In all things we must never think we can be sinless. Your very elders have more secrets than you think. The Watchtower Society hid 1006 pedophile cases from police in the computers in New York. The Australian Royal Commission brought Geoffrey Jackson on the stand and exposed how the Watchtower treats pedophilia. And you can see the entire court case on YouTube. He lied on the stand and manipulated listeners who were not informed about this stuff. Does that constitute a sin? Is your wife’s smoking going to take her salvation away, while Jackson and the rest of the GB gets off the hook? How about the laundry list of false prophesies, when JWs claimed they were the voice of God? The falsely prophesied in 1914, 1915, 1918, 1925, and 1975. This is a fact. Do they get off the hook? They say the bright light gets brighter. Meanwhile your wife is being ostracized and made to sit alone, yes? That is not the way Jesus dealt with sinners. In fact, Jesus had dinner with them. He ate with them. He encouraged them to focus on the things not on this Earth, but in heaven. The Kingdom of God. Neither one man in your congregation nor 7 men in New York (GB members) nor you nor your wife are sinless. All sin and have fallen short of God’s glory. None of us deserve His mercy. Yet each day we are given it by the sacrifice Jesus made. He died for you IN ORDER to atone for your sins.

    What JWs are trying to do there is keep the kingdom Hall without blemish. They need to follow counsel from the Bible in the church which is biblical sound advice. However… one needs counsel. Advice. Encouragement. Not shunning and a spiritual beating. Your wife has been shamed due to her nicotine addiction. Did you know that ones genes can dictate how easy or hard it is to cease addiction to certain substances? Nicotine is one. It may be genetic. If smoking cessation methods don’t work for her, that too may be found in her genetic makeup. I myself carry a gene which is highly prone not just to cigarette smoking, but to heavy addiction.

    Let’s look at a bigger picture. I need less than one hour of your time and I think you and your wife will like this. A part will come up pertaining to WHO was speaking in the old testament. Pay very close attention…
    Have a look at this video where a JW calls in to a legitimate theologian who is one of the most brilliant in the modern Christian arena as of today. His work is completely Bible based. A JW called in for his opinion on something. The point should be clear by the end of the recording. Kick back with a popcorn and a cool drink and have a listen.

    You’re in my prayers, friend. Please hang in there and keep your faith in our Lord and Savior. It sounds like you could use a couple of prayers as we all can. You will get through this.

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