More Intentional Repeated Errors in New World Translation Bible: A Study on “Apostates”. Word Study: APOSTATE added to New World Translation.

This article will state the facts regarding more errors found in the New World Translation, which was released by Watchtower Society of Jehovah’s Witnesses in 2013. It will also examine the scriptures of the New World Translation version of 1961. Compare the scriptures for yourself using the resources provided, or other resources that you have available.

Introduction & Background

The Watchtower Society has modified words in the bible and replaced it with the word, apostate. By definition:

Definition of apostate in English:



A person who renounces a religious or political belief or principle.

The word “apostate” is referred to in a couple of different ways. The English dictionary refers to it as stated above. Others suggest that it refers to one who turns against God (to atheism). The Jehovah’s Witnesses teach that it means that a person “turned away from Jehovah”. However, one who turns away from God no longer has a belief in God.

Jehovah’s Witnesses teach that if you leave their organization, you automatically leave God Himself. In essence, they are teaching congregation members that former Jehovah’s Witnesses are all atheists. What gives this away, is if you ask them if they believe that all former JWs are atheist, they will likely say, “they left Jehovah when they left ‘the Truth’ (they refer to themselves as ‘the Truth’, a term which Jesus assumed for Himself; “I am the Way, the Truth…”) because they liken their organization to a direct affiliation with God.

So, in a nutshell Watchtower Society teaches: former JWs left God. (Atheist) However, many former Jehovah’s Witnesses actually can attest that they are nowhere in this category of having no belief in God. In fact, many have a stronger belief in God than they ever did as one of JWs.

Changes in the Jehovah’s Witness Bible, The New World Translation: John 8

It is no secret that there are numerous changes, replacements and omissions in the 2013 New World Translation. The most prominent being John 8:1-11 which has been completely removed. The Watchtower and JWs claim that this was a passage of debate, as some expert translators do note in their translations that this passage may not have been placed properly in this part of the bible. Rather, it may have belonged in another section, likely Luke.

*1961 New World Translation: Begins John 8 with verse 12, but includes John 8:1-11 below the passage, and acknowledges that some manuscripts omit John 8:1-11. In this case, it is my opinion that this version of the NWT was correct in leaving the scripture placed where it is.

The scripture has not been removed from other translations, due to the fact that most translators dare not violate Revelation 22:19 at the risk of being incorrect, and taking away from the word of the bible. The repercussion stated in scripture is losing out in heaven. The Watchtower, however, has ignored this scripture warning, likely because the Governing Body states that God personally directs them.


Changes to New World Translation: Apostate

The word apostate was used in the 1961 version, but then some of those scriptures were changed back again, as seen in the 2013 version.

The New World Translation, intentionally added the word apostate to their bible in the following scriptures, taken from their website, which shows the 2013 version of the NWT. The 1961 Version also shows the word apostate in the passages below, as well as additional passages.

Source: The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures. (Scriptures spelled out below are copied from the website and do not match the clickable links of the scripture itself. Clickable links are provided by ESV Bible translation. Click the scripture link to see how the ESV version reads for each scripture.)

Proverbs 11:9 By his mouth the apostate brings his neighbor to ruin, But by knowledge the righteous are rescued

Isaiah 10:6 I will send him against an apostate nation, Against the people who infuriated me; I will command him to take much spoil and much plunder And to trample them like mud in the streets.

Isaiah 33:14 The sinners in Zion are in dread; Trembling has seized the apostates: ‘Who of us can live where there is a consuming fire? Who of us can live with unquenchable flames?’

Isaiah 9:17 That is why Jehovah will not rejoice over their young men, And he will have no mercy on their fatherless children and their widows Because all of them are apostates and evildoers And every mouth is speaking senselessness. In view of all this, his anger has not turned back, But his hand is still stretched out to strike.


The word apostate is intentionally added into the above scriptures in the 1961 and 2013 versions of the New World Translation.

* The 1961 New World Translation also injects the word apostate into: 

  • Job 13:6
  • Job 17:8
  • Job 27:8
  • Job 34:30
  • Psalm 35:16

However, these scriptures are changed back in the 2013 New World Translation, correcting the word, and instead using “godless” or “ungodly”, as it should be translated. They did not, however, treat the scriptures in Proverbs and Isaiah the same way. 


A complete study was performed using 15 of the most common bible translations, including the most popular King James Version, New King James Version, New International Version, English Standard Version, Revised Standard Version, New American Standard Bible, and others. The 15 translations translate the word using the Strong’s H2611 word, chaneph which is actually properly translated in all 15 translations to be either:

  • hypocrite
  • godless
  • ungodly
  • profane

The Jehovah’s Witnesses Watchtower Society has changed the word to say “apostate”, which is an entirely different meaning of the Strong’s H2611 word, chaneph, found 13 times in the King James Version, as well as the widely accepted most accurate translation, the NASB. What does this mean? Read the verses again. If the word is most commonly translated to “hypocrite” 13 times in the most accurate word-for-word version, then there is a reason that the Watchtower translated the word to imply a word used for former Jehovah’s Witnesses. 

If the JWs teach that former JWs have left God, then by changing their scripture, they reaffirm that former JWs are hated by God (even if they are Christians who love God). The Jehovah’s Witness Bible implies that anyone who leaves Jehovah’s Witnesses:

  • brings his neighbor to ruin (Proverbs 11:9 NWT)
  • have infuriated God and are trampled like mud (Isaiah 10:6 NWT)
  • Sinners, in dread, trembling, in fire (Isaiah 33:14 NWT)
  • evildoers who will be struck by the hand of God (Isaiah 9:17 NWT)


With this being clarified, JWs have taken the word for hypocrite and likened it to an atheist, by their own terms. In the dictionary, a hypocrite is stated to be: (Source: Mirriam Webster)



: a person who claims or pretends to have certain beliefs about what is right but who behaves in a way that disagrees with those beliefs


Strongs H2611

Hypocrites pretend to have certain beliefs. Strongs H2611 also refers to Godless (atheist) or Ungodly (acting in a way that shows defiance against God). Nowhere does this word translate to apostate, (renouncing a religious belief).

Also note: A religious belief is not the same as theology. Religion is not defined as the study of God. It is a belief in. Theology is the study of God.

Apostate does not mean hypocrite.

Apostate does not mean godless.

Apostate does not mean profane.

Apostate means to renounce a belief. Not to renounce God.

The word Apostate was added by the Watchtower Society to these scriptures, where it does not appear in any other bibles that are readily found in the top 15 translations.

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13 thoughts on “More Errors Found in Jehovah’s Witness New World Translation Bible: Apostate”

  1. Excellent article,Jill.
    Acts 8: 37 happens to be missing as well.
    (Is it by intention or by design?)

  2. I guess this is in readiness for the special “Branch Talk” for the UK this Saturday focussed on the “Apostates”? Lol!

  3. Loved the piece, only wish I knew all the changes the JWs made in their different editions of their bibles, to allegedly address faults they were made aware of in their original translations that were “divinely given.”


  4. I have tried to give a number of JWs this letter. they won’t even touch it. SAD

    Out of respect I take anything you hand me, then in an honest search for the
    truth, I read and study your literature. If you respect me, please do the same with this.
    Are you CERTAIN in your belief? Are you an honest seeker of the truth of Jehovah?
    Do you study for yourself or let someone else dictate what you are to believe? I am a
    student of the Bible, and study not only your religion’s version, but many different
    translations, in an effort to gain knowledge of my Creator and Savior.
    Let me assure you, my pastor and the Bible encourage me to study for myself
    and make up my mind as God leads me. My church and I do not agree on a few things,
    but I am not told I am not a Christian just because I don’t totally agree. The basic
    tenets of my faith are salvation through the death and resurrection of Christ, and that
    Christ IS God in human form, (the definition of “Emmanuel, Immanuel” is “God is with
    us”). Even if someone in our church disagrees with this, they are not “shunned,” or
    “disfellowshipped.” We simply keep loving them and believe eventually God will lead
    them to the truth. If you disagree with the watchtower or the Kingdom Hall, what are the
    While difficult not to reference any other source, I will use only your bible, as I
    know you are doubtful of any other translation or source. Which begs the question,
    Why? If the ONLY source you believe, is the bible and tracts put out by the
    watchtower, and they differ singularly from ALL other sources, why is your translation of
    the bible the only one that is accurate? Your own scripture states “On the testimony of
    two or three witnesses every matter must be established.” 2 Corinthians 13:1. You only
    believe one bible, one source, one witness; the watchtower, or a regurgitation of the
    watchtower’s doctrine, word for word. Well enough of this, let me get on with why I
    believe there has to be a Trinity.

    First in Titus, 46 verses, 3 chapters; three times God is called “our savior,” three
    times it identifies Christ Jesus as “our savior,” an obvious contradiction.

    Titus 1
    1 Paul, a slave of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ . . .;

    3 . . . the command of our Savior, God;
    4 to Titus, a genuine child according to the faith we share: May you have undeserved
    kindness and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Savior.
    5 . . ..

    Titus 2
    1 . . ..

    9 Let slaves be in subjection to their owners in all things, trying to please them, not
    talking back,
    10 not stealing from them, but showing complete trustworthiness, so that in every way
    they may adorn the teaching of our Savior, God.
    11 . . ..

    13 while we wait for the happy hope and glorious manifestation of the great God and of
    our Savior, Jesus Christ,
    14 . . ..

    Titus 3
    1 . . ..

    4 However, when the kindness of our Savior, God, and his love for mankind were
    5 . . ..
    6 He poured this spirit out richly on us through Jesus Christ our Savior, . . ..

    You need to reconcile these verses to understand either Christ is “our Savior” or
    God is “our Savior” under your belief, NOT BOTH, choose one. Unless, of course they
    are one, then you don’t have to choose. You will argue, the two CANNOT be one. I
    agree, it is hard to grasp, How can God be two beings at once? But . . . you are trying
    to comprehend the existence of perfect God, with a less than perfect human mind.
    Think, and believe, God CAN DO WHAT HE WANTS, or he is not God. Being God is
    exactly that; He is not bound by our understanding or preconceived limits, and can do
    and be what He wishes, or He is not God. In short if He wants to be two beings at the
    same time, HE CAN. A little humor: Maybe it is the only intelligent conversation He can
    get, as He sure can’t count on humans to talk to Him intelligently.

    Second, lets move on to how the verses in Titus confirm what is written in Isaiah.
    This what Jehovah/God commanded Isaiah to state.

    Isaiah 44
    1 “Now listen, O Jacob my servant, And you, O Israel, whom I have chosen.
    2 This is what Jehovah says, Your Maker and the One who formed you, . . ..

    6 This is what Jehovah says, The King of Israel and his Repurchaser, Jehovah of
    armies: ”I am the first and I am the last. There is no God but me.
    7 Who is there like me? . . ..
    8 . . . Is there any God but me? No, there is no other Rock; I know of none.”
    9 . . ..

    21 “Remember these things, O Jacob, and you, O Israel, for you are my servant. I
    formed you, . . ..

    24 This is what Jehovah says, your Repurchaser, Who formed you since you were in
    the womb: “I am Jehovah, who made everything. I stretched out the heavens by
    myself, And I spread out the earth. Who was with me?”

    In this chapter of Isaiah, Jehovah clearly states there is no other God but Him.
    He is the first and the last. I know the watchtower has taught you that there is a
    difference between “G”od and “g”od. You will counter with one is “Almighty God” the
    other is Christ, a god. But what you need to remember, is that a human is the one who
    assigned a small “g” and a capital “G” to the words, in translating your bible. In
    addition, nowhere, in any Bible I’ve studied, to include your’s, does anyone nor even
    Jehovah, call Himself “Almighty God” as you seem want to do. There is a scripture
    which identifies Him as “God Almighty,” however in the English language the “Almighty”
    being placed after “God,” makes the “Almighty” descriptive not identive. One’s a
    pronoun the other an adjective.
    Your argument will be “that is the true translation, as decided by those who
    translated your bible.” (You should really question their credentials for translation,
    Ahhh… but I forget, you can’t, because “they” choose to remain anonymous, allegedly
    to give all the credit to God for the translation; ‘awful convenient if you ask me.’ Lets
    “them” dodge any question of their translation ability or training in languages).

    Your interpretation of the above flies in the face of the following, talking about the
    birth of Jesus, which states;

    Isaiah 9
    6 “For a child has been born to us, a son has been given to us; and the rulership will
    rest on his shoulder. His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.”

    Can we agree, as I have been told over 40 years by different Witnesses, there is
    only one “Eternal Father” and this is Jehovah? If you can, and if you agree that this
    passage is about Christ, then Eternal Father is Christ. Tie this back to Titus1:4, where
    God is called “Father”. There is only ONE Father. Again it’s a matter of faith that
    Jehovah can do as he wants, to include being two beings at once.

    Then there’s John 1:1-4, so let’s address that:

    John 1
    1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was a
    2 This one was in the beginning with God.
    3 All things came into existence through him, and apart from him not even one
    thing came into existence. What has come into existence
    4 by means of him was life, and the life was the light of men.


    Clearly this contradicts Jehovah’s own words in Isaiah 44:24, where He states, “I
    am Jehovah, who made everything. I stretched out the heavens by myself, And I
    spread out the earth. Who was with me?” In other words Jehovah did it by Himself.
    Saying the “Word” created, or to be specific, John1:3, “All things came into
    existence through him, and apart from him not even one thing came into existence,”
    contradicts what God told Isaiah,”I am Jehovah, who made everything. I stretched out
    the heavens by myself, And I spread out the earth. Who was with me?”, unless God
    and the Word are one. Simply changing a lower case “g” for an upper case “G,” and
    dropping in an “a” does not change the fact that ‘someone’ has mistranslated who
    created everything and in doing so, contradicts what Jehovah Himself stated.
    Look on-line at the Greek text in John 1:1, you will see no difference in the first
    letter of the word “God” as it is written in Koeni Greek; the same way each time, no
    upper or lower case. (Please, look for something NOT put out by the watchtower, as it
    appears the watchtower slants any translation of anything to agree with what they
    demand you believe, even if it disagrees with ALL other views, remember 2 Corinthians
    13:1, “On the testimony of two or three witnesses…”). Koeni Greek is a language, in
    which the order and context of the words has as much to do with their actual meaning
    as the words do, noun verb pronoun, or verb noun pronoun, or any combination, can
    change the meaning of the whole phrase. Simplest example: “All for one. One for all.”
    Same words, different meanings.

    Finally on the subject of the John 1:1-4 translation, Many ancient Greek scholars
    have stated that this passage, should be translated “What God was, the Word was”. In
    other words in modern English “The Word was God,” not as the translators of your text,
    state “the Word was a god.” If you believe this way, you are polytheistic. You will say
    you only believe in one Almighty God, the Word is simply “a god,” thus you are not
    polytheistic. The ancient Norse considered Odin to be almighty god of their belief, and
    he had many other gods below him, some were even his sons, Thor, Loki, etc.,
    polytheistic; Hindus worship one main god “brahman,” but many others are worshiped
    under him, i.e. vishnu, shiva, ganesha, and so on, polytheistic; In Buddhism, there are
    higher beings, (devas), commonly designated as gods, polytheistic; Almighty God, plus
    His son Jesus “a god,” polytheistic. I believe in one God, that is God and Christ both,
    monotheistic. And, before you ask, no, I don’t know how. I only know He is God,
    unlimited, all powerful, omnipotent, uncontradicted, and can do as he wants.
    Just as a side note, pay attention to Deuteronomy 32:39 “See now that I I am
    he, and there are no gods apart from me.” (Note in this verse, in your own bible, God
    states “there are no gods apart from me” lower case “g,” thus there can be no way that
    “the Word was a god,” Lower case ‘g’. This would contradict what God, Himself stated,
    “there are no gods apart from me.”). In John 20:28 Thomas responds to the
    resurrected Christ “My Lord and my God!” Christ did not correct him. In your own
    translation The “g”s are interchangeable. Finally, either Christ is a liar or someone is
    mixed up at the watchtower because Christ states in John 10:30 “I and the Father are
    one.” I don’t know about you, but “one” has always been singular to me.
    Under my understanding that God and Christ are one and the same being, He
    can be the first and the last. He can create everything by Himself. He can be our
    savior as both Christ and God. And He can be “called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty
    God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.” But there is a problem with adding in the “a,”
    because it makes you polytheistic if you believe there is a “G”od and a “g”od.
    Isaiah 42,43,and 44 all say essentially the same. Hopefully I have given you
    enough to chew on. I am sure your fellow witnesses will try and convince you that I am
    trying to mislead you. Remember, you approached me, trying to proselytize. I am
    simply responding in love, hoping I can lead you to the truth. And I am referencing
    YOUR bible, and YOUR bible only. Don’t let pride or ego get in the way. I know its
    hard and hurts to admit you’re wrong, but God loves a repenter. Peter denied Christ
    three times, and still Christ forgave him and stated “on this rock I will build my church.”
    Its okay to be wrong as long as you repent from the wrong.
    By the way, the man Witnesses cite as stating your “version of the bible is the
    most accurate,” Jason DeBuhn, has NO training in Koeni Greek, (ancient Greek, the
    language the New Testament is written in). Granted, he is a self taught scholar of
    modern Greek, and considered to be good, in modern Greek. He also has NO training
    in Aramaic or classical Hebrew, (the Old Testament language). So what does Debuhn
    base his evaluation on? Modern and Koeni Greek are definitely not the same.
    Dozens of True ancient Greek, Aramaic, and Hebraic scholars say DeBuhn simply
    stated your bible was the best so he could sell his own books to unsuspecting
    Witnesses, so they could justify their bible. Those DeBuhn critics give accurate
    translations of the ancient Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew. To me it is wrong to simply
    state “I believe because the watchtower told me to believe this or that way.” This
    smacks of cultish thinking, that “if you don’t believe exactly as the watchtower tells you
    to believe, you are doomed and disfellowshipped.” Where’s the personal relationship
    and knowledge of God? Do you wonder why the watchtower doesn’t want you to
    independently study, free of the influence of their publications? Maybe because they
    are afraid if you DO study, free of “their” influence, you will question if “they” are
    misleading you; and “they” will lose a member and your tithe, if you decide “they” are.
    I suggest, if you are truly seeking to understand, you get a copy of Mounce’s
    Interlinear New Testament Bible that contains the Koeni Greek. Mounce is considered
    the second most knowledgeable authority of Koeni Greek in the world. While I don’t
    quote it here, if you want to have true and open Bible study, I am always available.
    We’ll even predominantly use your translation. As long as you’re open to true
    discussion. I’ve had many bible studies with witnesses, that won’t even consider any
    view not sanctioned by the watchtower. That is not bible study, that is an attempt to
    With the above it should be obvious I actually do study and that I really believe in
    the Trinity. My God can be two beings at once if He chooses, or three or a dozen, He is
    God after all, and is omnipotent. But you are welcome to try and convince me
    otherwise as long as we have a true “open discussion.” If you actually read this letter,
    let me thank you for giving me the same respect I gave you. You are truly an honest
    seeker of Him, and I pray Blessings upon you. I’m looking forward to studying with you.

    In His love.


  5. Everything said is far from the truth about the scriptures and every single thing is fabricated and in your own mind and beliefs. A witness would never say you are a atheist because you left the organization of jehovahs witnesses. They wouldn’t say you are a apostate. They only preach apostates to be someone who talks bad about witnesses and or God himself or make up things or fabricate everything they teach just as you are doing in this article. All of this is lies and so far from the truth. They won’t read your stuff because they are Warnes about it now advance and akresdy know you are a person who has hard feelings so you lie about witnesses because you were most likely booted meaning disfelloshiped for making a major sin after being baptised. Your feelings are hurt you make up a bunch of lies to discredit them.

  6. Gary,

    Thank you for your post. I couldn’t say it better myself.


  7. Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. Someone is going to be wrong. We all cannot be right using our diverse opinions. Gods word is true HE is faithful and all the answers are in HIS pure untouched Word. No prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. The doctrines of men are the sly and cunning work of the devil.
    The truth is there for all who want it and seek it out with sincerity, not taking any mans word for it.
    Again someone will be wrong. Don’t let it be you.

  8. Really, Gary? This article is all lies? In regards to anyone who leaves JWs, Watchtower teaches they are not of God. They are “apostates”. Apostate is someone who “falls away” from God completely. Look it up. You seem to need to study the term, “apostate” and it’s actual meaning. It is the word people are called if they leave God. JWs use it as a word to label people who leave JWs. Know the difference. Just because someone leaves JWs doesn’t mean they have left God.

    Insight, Vol 1. page 126 reads:

    Following the Flood, there was a rebellion against the words of the God of Noah. (Ge 11:1-9) Job later found it necessary to defend himself against the charge of apostasy on the part of his three supposed comforters. (Job 8:13; 15:34; 20:5) In his defense Job showed that God grants no audience to the apostate (Job 13:16), and he also showed the hopeless state of one cut off in apostasy. (Job 27:8; compare also Elihu’s statement at 34:30; 36:13.) In these cases the Hebrew noun cha·nephʹ is used, meaning “[one] alienated from God,” that is, an apostate. The related verb cha·nephʹ means “be inclined away from the right relation to God,” or “pollute, lead to apostasy.”—Lexicon in Veteris Testamenti Libros, by L. Koehler and W. Baumgartner, Leiden, 1958, p. 317.

    They use Job 27:8, and their bible says, “For what hope does the godless man* have when he is destroyed”

    Apostate = godless
    Atheist = godless

    Please use your head and get away from the New World Translation bible and the satanic teachings of the Governing Body of JWs and get trained in proper theology.

    Further, I was not a baptized JW. You are parroting what you’ve been told. Watchtower has always taught that if someone exposes them, that person must be a sinner who hasn’t repented. This is not the case. You are under mind control. Your mind is being controlled by a cult of 7 men in New York, whom you give your idolatrous loyalty to instead of God Himself. You have no relationship with Jesus. You have no salvation in Him. You are worshipping an organization. Please get educated.

  9. Instead of nitpicking, why don’t you just let a expresión just be made, they(for the majority- are trusted with no problems with society, and the world would be a much better place to live)

    [Unlike others Christian who accepted find the caterers that alters homosexuality etc. or Atheist who don’t believe in God, or who have written books on Moses, but have misunderstandings of the 10 Commandments, ]_ Those need your help, not complete

    Or do you know, of any other who follow Gods words, Jews and JW are the only ones I know.

    Example: A older Christian who is in his 70 stop going to church, cause his car won’t start, and on and on, but one time he, cursed God, and he still wants God to help him, and for me to be his friend.
    When all I can think, I have been to the worse of my life, no food, car and illness, and I have never done anything like he did.

    This is how I see people, ( no offense ) you

  10. « Thank you, You must be well informed of the words you use, I Love Jehovah and since I was 17, not only did The holy scriptures, help me learn to read (3rd grad level, but I wanted to know so I quickly learned to read within a couple of months. Something that middle school, put me a advance class where the teacher ((South Gate middle school)) said you can’t read, and give me kids books)

    I am inactive, but never did i thought of being able to leave God, hopefully everyone would pray for me, get my DL back, and a job

  11. I will pray for you. There are many resources online for you to look at from others who have been in your position. you can google it, or look at,, and many other sites. You are not alone in your confusion, uncertainty, and fear. But please continue trusting YHWH. HE has not forsaken you nor has HE lied to you. Remember that. If I can help, I would be honored.

  12. Gary, the Watchtower and JWs alike call former JWs apostates – that is to say, when a JW leaves the organization, whether by choice or because they were told to leave by the elders, they are referred to as apostates. It’s no secret because even nonJWs hear it used among JWs.

    How can the Watchtower, the elders, or anyone else in the organization know what kind of person is handing documents to a JW? Simply because someone is not inside the organization, it doesn’t automatically make them hard hearted against all JWs. That includes people who’ve never met a JW, who don’t understand them, and those who used to be JWs. More often than not people aren’t harboring bad feelings toward JWs. They probably don’t understand JWs, but that’s to be expected since JWs don’t have friends outside the organization. Dismissing someone because they disagree with you is no way to communicate, it only fosters division. Perhaps you can defend the NWT. Have you looked into these claims in order to prove them wrong? I look forward to hearing your response. May YHWH bless you with joy and wisdom.

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