Jerusalem Destroyed in 587 BC – 586 BC. Archaeology reveals period artifacts in Lachish Letters


The Watchtower Society of Jehovah’s Witnesses claims that the date of Jerusalem’s destruction is 607 BC as opposed to the 587 bc – 586 bc stated by historians and expert archaeologists. The reason for the significance of 607 BC to the Jehovah’s Witnesses, is simply based on their cornerstone teaching of 1914. Jehovah’s Witnesses reflect on the multiple references in Daniel 4 which speak of seven times. They use a 360 day year, multiply it by 7 and get 2520. They take that number, add it to their 607 BC date, and choose 1914 as the year Jesus returned invisibly in the heavens.


Watchtower Math Class

360 x 7 = 2520

2520 – 607 = 1913*

*Remove “0” as a countable year = 1914


They believe such date to be accurate, and even used references to World War I in their early literature as proof that it was the beginning of the end. This came after they had predicted that Armageddon would happen in 1914, which was considered a failed prophesy.

“But bear in mind that the end of 1914 is not the date for the beginning, but for the end of the time of trouble.

– Zion’s Watch Tower, July 15, 1894 p.226


“Jehovah’s witnesses pointed to the year 1914, decades in advance, as marking the start of “the conclusion of the system of things.”

– Awake! Jan 22, 1973 p.8


For a full article on how Watchtower explains their understanding, go here briefly and then return to see the findings.

607 BC vs 587 – 586 BC

A massive wakeup call to many Jehovah’s Witnesses is the finding of fact that Jerusalem was not destroyed in 607 BC as the Watchtower claims, but rather archaeology has determined the date to be 587 – 586 BC. This would not only debunk Watchtower’s 607 date, but also the 1914 date, and all subsequent teachings relating to the incorrect dates. We can even find specific false statements made by Watchtower, as well as some that are extremely misleading.



History Lesson & Setting:

The word “Tel” is large mound or giant hill which consists of many “layers” of historic ruins underneath the surface. Periods passed and new places would be built on top of old ones. Archaeologists dig in these ruins to uncover information about particular eras, going further and further beneath the surface. The deeper the dig, the earlier the era of ruins or artifacts that can be found.


“Tel Lachish” (pronounced luh-kēsh) is also known as Tell ed-Duweir. Lachish was a city in Jerusalem that was occupied as early as 4500 BC. Tel Lachish was basically a fort with walls and gates and a royal palace in the center. At the site, archaeologists dug into the Assyrian battle layer, where thousands of arrowheads were found on the siege ramp, and about 1500 skulls were also found in a cave. The dirt ramp built by the Assyrians allowed for the soldiers to charge up into the city during battle.

Lachish : תל לכיש (Hebrew)


Near Lachish, there were outposts with stationed military officers who would report to the military commander at Lachish.


Though it had been rebuilt previously, (hence, layers upon layers of the “Tel”) Babylonians under Nebuchadnezzar’s rule dominated Judah and destroyed Jerusalem (including Lachish) in the 7th century.

Lachish Jerusalem letters
Lachish Front Gate; Photo courtesy Wikipedia


Lachish letters
Tel Lachish Commander’s Palace; Photo courtesy Wikimedia Creative Commons


Siege ramp lachish
Siege ramp for soldiers to charge up in Lachish; the site of thousands of arrowheads. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Creative Commons


Read Joshua 10. Amorite kings of Lachish hid in caves, and were found, captured and killed by the Israelites. (Joshua 10:17)

Here is a full list of scriptures mentioning Lachish.


Ostraca is clay pottery which contained handwriting written in carbon ink. The ancient Hebrew handwriting found on the chunks of clay made up what’s referred to as the Lachish Letters, which were approximately 15 cm tall and 12 cm wide containing 21 lines of writing. 18 letters were found in a burnt layer of ashes by James Leslie Starkey in 1935 and 3 more were found in 1938. All were written in Paleo Hebrew script. Starkey was killed by Arabs however Olga Tufnell completed the research in 1958. Many of them are currently in London’s British Museum, and a few others are found at Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem, Israel.

586 bc Jerusalem proof
Replicas of Lachish letters found written just prior to destruction of Jerusalem, dated just prior to 586 bc.


Two of the Lachish Letters were found protected beneath the street at a main gate or guardhouse, layers below the surface. The letters didn’t burn because of the substance they were written on, but were found amongst ash.


The Lachish Letters were written by a military officer named “Hoshaiah” to the military commander “lord Jaush”. He was describing what was going on in Judea at the time of battle, just prior to Jerusalem being destroyed by the Babylonians. When Archaeologists found the Lachish Letters, they set out to discover the messages written on the clay tablets.


The Lachish Letters confirm what was written in the bible by the prophet Jeremiah in Jeremiah 34:67 (click scripture to briefly read).



Dr. H. Torczyner, Bialik Professor of Hebrew in the University of Jerusalem, has critically examined and translated the text of the Lachish Letters. There are early and later translations, nearly identical.


Lachish Letter IV

May YHW[H] cause my [lord] to hear, this very day, tidings of good. And now, according to everything which my lord has sent, this has your servant done. I wrote on the sheet according to everything which [you] sent [t]o me. And inasmuch as my lord sent to me concerning the matter of Bet Harapid, there is no one there. And as for Semakyahu, Semayahu took him and brought him up to the city. And your servant is not sending him there any[more —], but when morning comes round [—]. And may (my lord) be apprised that we are watching for the fire signals of Lachish according to all the signs which my lord has given, because we cannot see Azeqah.

* An earlier translation of Lachish Letter IV says we are watching for the Lachish signal however the later renditions sayy “we are watching for the fire signals”.

The First Temple Period

The First Temple Period is historically known to have ended in 587 BC. This is how accurately matched historians and archaeologist are on the fall of Jerusalem. The fall of Jerusalem marks the end of a period.


The Siege

In 597 BC, Nebuchadnezzar made Zedekiah the king of Judah at 21 years old. However Zedekiah had gone against Babylon and sided with Egypt, prompting Nebuchadnezzar to go after Judah, which started the siege of Jerusalem. 586 was the completion of the 11th year of Zedekiah’s reign. It was then that Nebuchadnezzar conquered Jerusalem breaking through the walls.


On the final fall of Jerusalem, two prominent scholars disagree, with the difference of only 1 year: 587 BC vs 586 BC. William F. Albright dates the end of Zedekiah’s reign to 587 BC, while Edwin R. Theile dates it to 586.


Nonetheless, using Judah’s Tishri-based calendar, putting together chronology and lining it up with scriptures that speak of the length of time of kings who reigned, and compiling archaeological data and artifacts, there is no doubt amongst the world’s finest scholars that the fall of Jerusalem was 587 BC – 586 BC.

Watchtower Attempts to Trick Readers on Website


While we have put together some ancient artifacts (the Lacish Letters) and named scholars while gathering actual photos of historic sites and battle zones, it’s evident that history points to a date which one dare not refute. However, Watchtower has attempted to refute even the Lacish Letters, stating:

“Some archaeologists link Israel’s campaign against Lachish with a thick layer of ash uncovered at Tell ed-Duweir, in which, among other things, a scarab of Ramses was found. But the Bible does not state that the city was burned, as it does in the case of Jericho (Jos 6:24, 25), Ai (Jos 8:28), and Hazor (Jos 11:11). Rather, Joshua 11:13 seems to indicate that the Israelites rarely burned “cities standing on their own mounds. So there is no Scriptural basis for placing the destruction causing the ash layer in the time of Joshua and then dating the Israelite conquest of Canaan accordingly.”

Watchtower Insight book, Volume 2,  p.188-189


Watchtower uses Joshua 11:13 where it states “But none of the cities that stood on mounds did Israel burn, except Hazor alone; that Joshua burned.”


It is known that the Lacish letters were found in burnt ash. Unbeknownst to Watchtower, Archaeologists have found that flaming torches were used in battle, and even thrown at siege machines stationed at the top of siege ramps. A bloody and gruesome war took place. Arrow heads were found bent, showing the vigorous fight, as well as tennis ball sized musket balls. Fire was used to kill, and not necessarily by “burning it down”, but rather as weapons. Does the bible need to state that Joshua himself used fire to burn the city that had even already been previously burned? Did the bible mention arrowheads and musket balls?


Fact: In an effort to counter the siege ramp, a second ramp was created where piles of debris and former ruins were dumped in order to build up the ground. This means ruins could have been piled amidst ruins.  At the ruined city gate, the Lacish letters were found under the destruction debris. Of course it could’ve caught fire, and of course it could’ve burned. None of the above is dependant on scriptures cited by Watchtower used in attempts to trick readers. The Watchtower’s goal is to stay on 607 bc as their date and use any means necessary to dupe the reader into staying focused on the false 607 date.  No proof is offered by Watchtower. No archaeological digs have been performed by Watchtower. Yet they have used and they continue to use weak statements to so easily trick the minds of millions of JWs over the last hundred years. They will go so far as to say most likely, that all of the world’s archaeologists who devoted decades to digs, are demonic. Why else would they disagree with Watchtower?


Archaeologist Expertise vs Watchtower Guesswork


The purpose of digging through “levels” of debris is to find artifacts attached to eras. In this Lachish location, inscribed jars were even found suspected of storing trade goods. Hence, the proper dating is obtained by expert archaeologists who are familiar with the various levels and eras.


No archaeologists can be found in this research that argue any of these points regarding Lachish. In fact, an elderly man who was present on an archeological dig in Lacish explains the layout. Watch the video to get a first hand look and imagine the battle at Lacish. See the location where letters were dated to just prior to 586 bc; speaking of the Lord, speaking of the trouble at hand and giving evidence to one of the most important events in biblical history.



  1. Another shot across the bows of 607 BC Doctrine.Scholarly described.

  2. Les Témoins de Jéhovah n’ont aucune compétence et ne sont pas des expert en chronologie Biblique , il suffit de voir par leur livre faite par la société la WATCHTOWER ce livre intitulé LA VIE ÉTERNELLE dans LA LIBERTE DES FILS DE DIEU ” page 31 à 35 c”-‘est toute un tableau de la chronologie de 4026 c’était la création de ADAM en Automne et il arrive avec conviction jusque 6000 ans de l’histoire pour prétendre que la clôture de ce système des choses prends fin en Automne 1975 ? Déjà par la, on comprend bien qu’ils disent n’importe quoi ? N’ont aucune expérience Biblique et ce sont des fausses calculs ? Puisque 1975 rien ne s’est passé a ce qu’ils ont la FOI et c’est une erreur grave de tromperie soit ce sont des mensonges.

  3. Thank you kindly, sir. I am glad you found the article useful. You are my top subscriber and I appreciate every comment, while I have unfortunately not been able to get to them all. Many thanks, Doc. 🙂

  4. I’m seriously having a very serious distrust for the Watchtower. Why can’t they come clean ones and for all time? Why must they try to twist God’s word? For the fact that they even include this 1914 in the recently released NWT shows the level of their hypocrisy and disdain for God.

    But they fail to understand one thing, that no matter how they twist God’s Word to fit their doctrine, it will never come to pass what God didn’t want to didn’t say

  5. The real issue: seventy years

    Why do we disagree with secular
    historians? The secular chronology is
    based on interpreting ancient clay tablets,
    writings, and inscriptions. From these, they
    discern how long each Babylonian King
    ruled before the empire was conquered in
    539 BCE. For a brief commentary on the
    secular evidence, see Appendix B .
    Counting back from that date, and
    adding up what they have discerned to
    be the reigns of each king, 605 BCE is
    found to be the first year of mighty King
    Nebuchadnezzar. Jeremiah says this King
    destroyed the city of Jerusalem in his
    19th year of rule. Hence, counting
    forward 19 years bring us to 587 BCE.
    Incidentally, this is also the method
    Christendom uses.
    Jehovah’s Witnesses, on the other
    hand, believe something the secular
    historians do not. We believe the Bible is
    the inspired and inerrant word of God,
    so we take the Bible’s prophecies into
    account when calculating ancient
    chronology. — See the charts to the right
    The prophet Daniel tells us, “Jerusalem
    will lie in ruins for seventy years.” (Daniel
    9:2, Contemporary English Translation)
    However, the secular chronology
    disagrees with the Bible. Their
    chronology allows only fifty years – not
    seventy – from 587 BCE when Jerusalem
    was supposed to be destroyed, until the
    Jews returned home in 537 BCE.
    So, Jehovah’s Witnesses will not accept
    secular chronology when it contradicts
    the Bible. Hence, counting back from 537
    BCE (the year the Bible says the Jews
    returned home) for a full seventy years,
    we arrive at the year 607 BCE. That must
    be the year Jerusalem was destroyed. The
    secular date of 587 BCE, twenty years
    out, must be wrong. The following pages
    of this mini-site will show from other
    Bible prophecies why 607 BCE must be
    The Bible says Jerusalem lay in ruins for 70
    Secular historians, apostates, and
    Christendom say it was only 50 years.

  6. You just made a mess out of dates and timelines, because Watchtower is controlling your thinking. Where did you copy/paste that from?

  7. “the fact that they even include this 1914 in the recently released NWT…”
    What do you mean, Edy? They inserted 1914 somewhere in the NWT? Thanks for your comment.

  8. Well, Golden, as i know, you just copy and paste from one of the publications. secondly, you need to do more bible reading, read all the scriptures attach to 1914 and then ask yourself, what relationship is there between this scriptures? did they not have their fulfilment (the truth is that they did)?

    The fact is, the whole concept about 1914 was an idea that started with the second adventist church, it continued for long. Now, it has gotten to a state where the WT or governing body cannot come out and say it was wrong,(even when they know and just wish that the end will come so that they can say, they were right) since they know the far reaching effect it will have, because 1914 is the bedrock of all their doctrines and their claim to being directed by God’s spirit.

    But either by ignorance or by shear hypocrisy, they have failed to recognized that they cannot put words into God’s mouth and since he did not send them, such prophesies cannot be fulfilled (it has failed on many occasions and continue to fail) because, God did not send them.

    Truth is universal, it does not changed and cannot be excused for “advancing light”. What is true yesterday will be true today and will be true tomorrow. That is why Jesus words remain true today and God’s word in the bible remain true today. Or Golden, have you ever wonder why those publications in the past are no longer in the watchtower library? if they where actual “truth” and had they direction of God and his spirit as claimed by the writings? Those publications are still online, though WT(GB) has removed them from their WT library so that witnesses cannot read them.

    Watchtower(GB) can keep calling their ideas and illusions “truth”, but truth remains truth and does change. Watchtower (GB) does not know the meanings of this Jeremiah 23:21 “I did not send the prophets, yet they ran. I did not speak to them, yet they prophesied.”

    My only problem is that I do not know what version of truth I will die with when my course on earth is fulfilled.

  9. yes, in their introduction to God’s word. i was really disappointed when i saw it.

  10. it made what other religions say truth, that we have our own bible.

  11. I still don’t have a copy of their 2013 NWT, as I haven’t wanted to lay one in my home, but your comment encourages me to obtain a copy. Thanks again for this information.

  12. The Bible clearly states that 70 YEARS would have to pass to fulfill a specific biblical prophesy. There are MANY scriptures that mention 70 YEARS specifically. If you would like to read them for yourself, go ahead and download the JW Library app (You can delete it after you are finished with it.) download the Study version of the NWT bible, and any other translations you would like to cross reference the scriptures in, respectively. Look up Daniel 9:2. Cross-reference in the other translations to assure that the number 70 is used there, too. Then, return to NWT and select the letter ‘d’ superscript at the conclusion of that scripture. From there, read the many scriptures that also specifically state that 70 YEARS must pass. Please do tell me again why you trust imperfect men with imperfect techniques for examining artifacts and dating them over the very word of the Almighty God.
    You words fail to hold up any actual weight because you do not actually trust the very words of God.

  13. You will find at that there has been an extensive effort to convert thousands of older articles into a very accessible forum.

  14. You are asking why people trust imperfect men. I’m not quite sure what you’re talking about. Are you asking why the millions of people trusted the Watchtower Society when they prophesied Armageddon multiple times and it never came true? They trusted CT Russell using numeroligical pyramidology to do fortune telling on the dates that Armageddon would come. He called the Great Pyramid “the Bible in stone”. You are ok with numerology? Have you ever even seen Russell’s tomb??? It’s a massive pyramid. They’re your originator. You have a problem there.

    Do you believe that God speaks to the Governing Body and gives them secret knowledge not known to anyone else in the world? It’s esotericism. Watchtower denounces when other groups proclaim the same, yet they have been doing it since Russell was running the show. Do you believe that God is the author of all things dispensed to you by the 7 men in New York who give you doctrines to live by, claiming it comes from the Bible?

    You immediately told me to go to and look at their commentary. I specifically spoke about the factual date that Jerusalem was destroyed in this article. You cannot disprove it. Why are you talking about 70 years passing??? Of course that is biblical. We don’t need JW commentary for that. However, it appears there is tremendous study regarding the beginning and the end of that 70 years that you have not engaged in. You assume the 70 years began and ended when watchtower tells you it did. What you do not realize is the very crafty way they went about manipulating the most important parts of the calculation. Here is the breakdown.

    It makes me extremely nervous that you were so easily manipulated by how simply The Governing Body tricked you by changing words in the NWT and even adding italics to certain words to distract your attention away from other words in scripture. They are very slick and you would never catch on. You’d look right past it, and then swear up and down to your opposers that what you learned was true. Yet, you missed a critical part of a certain doctrine because they left it out on purpose, attached a couple of scriptures that appear to support it, and you don’t even check the context or perform a thorough study on the topic. You take they’re word for it because they tell you to and they simplify it as if teaching a child. Further, they convince you inside of one sentence of anything they want. You believe something that is conpletely opposing scripture using Watchtower theology, but you use a changed Bible so you do not see it. That is purposeful manipulation, which is bearing false witness, an absolute breaking of one of the commandments. In fact, the Watchtower Society had so many cover-ups and reprints where they changed their words to disguise false information, that you must put years of study into it just to find it. I am not new at this. I deal with many JWs.

    I don’t think you have any idea of what has been hidden in your JW history. Have you ever read the book written by Governing Body member Ray Franz? He opened up the floodgates on everything that NO ONE knew was going on in the Watchtower. You need to read every word of this and pay close attention. Judge for yourself. This stuff is no joke. It really saddens me how quick you were to defend Watchtower without even taking a single minute to get informed on the most important part of Watchtower and history.

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