Jehovah’s Witnesses Teachings : Right vs Wrong

A Look at What Jehovah’s Witnesses Believe, and What Most True Christians Would Disagree With.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses have taken a firm stance against anyone who has left the religion. They are correct in some of their viewpoints. They are incorrect in others.

The Better Teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses

I believe there are some very proper and biblical teachings held by the Watchtower Society and Jehovah’s Witnesses. In fact, some teachings are worthy of respect and are quite commendable. Here is a list of some things I can recognize as being properly taught in the Jehovah’s Witness religion:


  • Some people do get disfellowshipped for gross sins. If one were convicted of a sin such as pedophilia, it is my opinion that the person should be reported to police and arrested, not to return to a place where children are present. I believe such a person should be removed from the church.
  • Some people do leave JWs and turn against the bible. They may openly profess atheism, mock God or mock Christians or religions in general. (Some atheists do not mock at all, and simply keep their opinions to themselves.)
  • Some people appear to choose a life of sin rather than a life dedicated to honoring God.
  • Some people are not worth saying hello to. These type of people may consist of people who mock, abuse, antagonize, patronize, or otherwise continually hurt you with offensive behavior. One need not think, however, that a person changing religions is grounds for immediate elimination or shunning of a person.
  • Some associations are bad influences, and may cause others to act in ways they wouldn’t normally act, such as kids disobeying parents, or adults becoming obsessed with things which aren’t healthy for one who seeks to enhance their spiritual growth. Other things may include excessive drinking and drugs which may get out of control, promiscuity, astrology obsessions, fortune telling, criminal behavior, or other general things which clearly are frowned upon biblically.
  • The bible should be read and studied often, if one wishes to advance in bible knowledge.
  • A clean lifestyle that is free of strong sinful temptations will cause one to become closer to the Lord. This should include maintaining an upright and clean manner of speech, proper gentleman’s (or lady’s) manners, and wholesome, respectable traits which are so rare to find in folks today.
  • Refraining from obnoxious, dishonest, vile or crude behavior can allow for more respect in the community.
  • The devil is alive and lurking in attempts to sway believers away from the Lord.
  • Structure in a church setting, and habitual attendance and fellowship with spiritual, likeminded people, can help one to stay close to the Lord if they truly desire to lead a morally clean life. However, this doesn’t mean that weekly attendance is required for the same.


Teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses Objected to by Many Outside Christians


  • One should not ever dismiss, eliminate, shun, or discontinue association with someone because he/she chooses a new religion, no longer believes in the current religion, is enlightened to and objects to the history of the church, or commits a sin that they can be forgiven for by the Lord.
  • One should not judge the sins of another or at any time cause the person to feel they have committee an unforgiveable sin. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, such as referring to the works of the Holy Spirit as Satanic, will not be forgiven. However, turning away from a religious group or denomination may absolutely be forgiven, and even biblical.
  • One should not ever think that they are earning their way to salvation based on their work. Salvation is by grace alone. A true believer will exhibit signs that their good works accompany their faith in the grace of God. They will not doubt, while trying to continually earn their way through duties.
  • One should not look down upon all other churches/denominations because they believe theirs is the only correct one. Together, the various churches make up the body.
  • Men should not be governed by men, unless in a matter of following the law of the land. Men should not look to any one person or group as their only way to obtain truth.
  • No men should call themselves “the Truth” for that term belongs solely to Jesus Christ, who was and is incapable of a lie or falsehood.
  • No man should assume that anyone who is not of his own religion, has less biblical knowledge or understanding.
  • A church should not baptize in the name of anything other than the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. One should not ever be baptized “into a church”, or “as a [religion]” though many do hold to this practice.
  • A church has no right to remain respectable if they refer to all other outside churches other than their own as Satanic.
  • A church should not have a list of false prophesies made in the past, and hide them from the current church members. A church history should be transparent, and easily accessible through it’s own readily available literature.
  • If a member of a church organization voices to the leaders that there are doctrines they do not agree with, they should not be accused of being led by the devil. This is abusive, defamatory and demeaning speech.
  • A church should not have authority over it’s members in terms of what they do in their personal, home, romantic or business life. Each man is responsible to God; Not to an organization.
  • A church should not forbid marrying outside the particular sect. Christians should be free to make choices regarding whom they will marry.
  • A church should not forbid partaking of the wine and bread at the memorial of Christ’s resurrection. A service should be held in remembrance of Christ’s redemptive blood and members should be allowed to partake of the emblems as their conscience sees fit, and the bible instructs.


The Grip of Fear in the Church


There are of course more disagreements that many have, including I, with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, as well as other extremist religions. As a basic list, these points should clarify the generalities which I take issue with in regards to how they run their organization, treat their members, and demand total adherence to organization policies. In fact, they could be viewed as an organization which holds members captive, ridden with fear of losing their families, and terror struck at the thought of a destructive death, should they ever leave. This is not a religion. This is torturous interference and spiritual abuse at it’s worst, leaving Christians no freedom to embrace the grace of the Lord. Instead, they are paralyzed under direction of men, coerced by fear, and unable to worship… truly worship as a joyful Christian should.

Many adamantly deny the fact that they are inside of a spiritual jail cell, which is not uncommon. Some are perfectly happy in a legalist structure, as it is all they’ve ever known for quite some time. Others have no freedom in Christ, and absolutely no ability to pray to or speak to Christ, which is the utmost alarming fact of all.

The Ugly “Truth”


Think of this: Those who have been lifelong Jehovah’s Witnesses have never, ever spoken to Jesus Christ. Yet, they claim they are the only ones who follow Him, and truly know Him. Never have they bowed to Him, worshipped Him, or praised Him. Never have they held their hands up and worshipped Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior. Never have they uttered the words, “Praise Jesus, I am saved by grace.” This will be a topic of future study. One that will open up and explore the denial and rejection of Jesus Christ, committed by the millions misled in the Jehovah’s Witnesses.


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