ex Jehovah’s Witnesses

The Mental Abuse of Jehovah’s Witnesses and Former Members There is not a shadow of a doubt that millions are being psychologically abused at the hand of, and under the guidance of Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower Society. We cover the proof in the statement, as evidenced by scholarly research by mentalContinue Reading

Ex Cult Members Turned Atheist – A Christian Perspective Elder Tom takes the podium, prepared to give a talk that he’s been educated on for some time now. He’s got a book of study notes, lots of articles to reference, and publications in his home library that he’s able toContinue Reading

Announcing Membership in The International Cultic Studies Association I am delighted to announce my membership in the International Cultic Studies Association,  (ICSA) a legitimate corporation founded in 1979, which offers advanced education and promotes awareness of destructive religious cults. The association has granted me membership as of April 15, 2015.Continue Reading