Apostasy Movie Review – The Story of a Family of Jehovah’s Witnesses Facing Adversity   Apostasy, released in September 2017, is a full length cinema movie about life as a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Award Winning Actress Siobhan Finneran, who played the troublemaking maid “O’Brien” in the infamous tv series,Continue Reading

The Mental Abuse of Jehovah’s Witnesses and Former Members There is not a shadow of a doubt that millions are being psychologically abused at the hand of, and under the guidance of Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower Society. We cover the proof in the statement, as evidenced by scholarly research by mentalContinue Reading

Crisis of Conscience bootlegs

“Crisis of Conscience” Copyright Holder Orders Cease and Desist of All Illegal Bootlegging Ray Franz is known as the legendary activist who spoke against the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society in New York. Raymond Franz’s book, Crisis of Conscience has been the single most damaging book to the Jehovah’s WitnessContinue Reading