gods sovereignty

The Elect: How Do They Get to Heaven? (An Analogy) I discussed the topic of salvation in a video. Inside of the discussion, I discussed the elect class, those who are predestined to be with Christ in heaven after their death. (See: Predestination) A listener politely asked the question, “WhatContinue Reading

Earthly Free Will and the Sovereignty of God Someone asked a question on a forum regarding what part free will plays with God’s sovereignty. I answered the question the best way I could explain it, and will share that answer with you here (though in more complete form). While someContinue Reading

Where is God in my life? Where is Jesus Christ in my adversity? How does God’s Sovereignty play a part in Christians who are suffering? Where is Jesus when you’re on the phone with a bill collector, and you get angry at their arrogant, sarcastic, nasty tone of voice thatContinue Reading