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The Battle with sin in Lives of Christians – Biblical References   The never ending battle with sin is a common trial amongst believers. Questions were posed when I had a conversation with a fellow Christian some time ago as to why it happens in the lives of the faithfulContinue Reading

stop addiction to sin

Addicted to Sin – Who Isn’t ?   There is no question about it. The people of the world have become sucked into the news of hell on earth and blatantly addicted to sin. Bombs going off, scandal in the government, shootings and murders, violence, crime, political propaganda, media lies,Continue Reading

At what point is the line drawn where my responsibility ends and grace begins?   A gentleman posed this question to me regarding his own responsibility in dealing with sin. This question is one that has resonated in the mind of anyone who was deeply concerned about their salvation. ItContinue Reading

Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners : A Top Recommended Book For Those Wrestling with Sin, Salvation, Doubt, and Sinking Faith Will God forgive? Is the grace of Jesus Christ really sufficient to cover your past sins? How will you ever accept that God’s grace is enough to clearContinue Reading

Is it Possible to Stop Sinning? Gain a better perspective on how you’re affected by sin, how God works to cleanse us of it, and what you can do to get a handle on sin that you are struggling with in your life.Continue Reading

Welcome to Doctrines of Faith, a website which will provide guidance on understanding how to get closer to Jesus Christ, teachings on Reformed Theology, the process of the Holy Spirit that teaches a Christian how to stop sinning, help with prayer, and help understanding the mysteries of how God worksContinue Reading