Trinity: An Explanation of the Trinity

An Explanation of the Trinity

For some, it is near impossible to wrap ones head around the idea of 3 persons of God; namely the “Trinity”, or Triune God. We don’t have the capability as humans to understand it in a Divine way, because we are not equipped to understand such a Divine thing. But there is a way to put the pieces together if one begins to understand that God is 3 distinct persons of the same Being. 1) Yahweh, 2) Jesus Christ, 3) Holy Spirit. But how can it be made easier to understand how three can be one? Is there an easy explanation of the Trinity?
Jesus was the person of God in human flesh. The most notable scripture in John 1:1 speaks of the Word being with God, and the Word being God. Following that, scripture says that the Word was made flesh. If God was the Word, and the Word was made flesh for His own purpose under heaven, then one would naturally ask the question, “How could a human being be God?”

Jesus was in fact a human, and as human, He was the person of God. However, He had limitations as a man and as a human being. His human body got hungry, He sweated, He got tired, He thirsted, and He bled. His human body was created by Yahweh and it had skin, bones and organs. The important thing here is to differentiate between Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit. Not “separate”, but differentiate. If you separate the body from the soul, you kill it. If you differentiate it, then you recognize one from the other.

The Divine Being of Yahweh needed a vehicle to speak through. God could only spread the message of Himself through a person on earth, in order that all followers would hear and find faith in God through Christ’s humanity. The person of Jesus is “a person” of God; One of the three persons that form the Trinity. Imagine an actor having 3 masks, if you will. One acts as the entity of the Divine God in heaven, who no man has seen. He was known as Elohim (a Hebrew plural noun), Yahweh, and many other names which identified Him as the Holy and Supreme God. For each name, an identity which described His attributes was formed. The name of the Holy God in heaven was Yahweh, while the earthly person of God was Jesus. The name of the third person was the Holy Spirit. The three together act separately, while in unison under One essence, known as the Trinity

The Holy Spirit acts as an invisible Teacher and Comforter who does the work of God actively on earth to human beings. The calling and connecting to the hearts of men is done only by the person of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus would be called “Son of God”, while maintaining Divine qualities such as perfection, which no human or prophet in the bible could attain to. The 3rd person, or Holy Spirit, would carry out the work of Yahweh. Many become confused by the word, “Son“, because Jesus addressed the Father. He was a person who had flesh and bones like us, and He prayed to the person of God because the first person of God existed simultaneously up in heaven. A man cannot be without a father. He is known as the Divine flesh, born from the Divine Father. No man on earth created Jesus Christ. There could only be one Father to be known as the Father of the Messiah. Hence, Jesus was created in God the Father’s image.. the image of the Divine in human flesh. When the person of God the Son addressed God the Father, it was simply one person of God addressing the other. In the case of Jesus’ baptism, the Holy Spirit ascended down to Jesus as well. The three persons of God could interact with one another, yet still remain to be the same essence, which creates a triune God. This is where the Trinity is created, by three persons equaling one entity.

The human of Jesus had to show other humans how to pray, act, love, and treat others, as an example. However, again, though He was God made flesh, the vehicle of the human body could not be without qualities of man. His body could die.

Nothing is thereby done without Christ as a Mediator, because the human body is the closest likeness we can identity with as fellow humans to Jesus Christ. So, the question arises, “Did Jesus resurrect Himself? ”

The person of Yahweh created the human body, and still remained simultaneously in heaven, so that is the “person” (or entity) which was dwelling inside Christ’s body on earth. That is the person who was all powerful in Christ, so we cannot ask whether God or Jesus resurrected the body, because the body was merely skin and bones which could “die a human death”, yet the Deity of Christ was God Himself. The Being or person of God was present within that body, so it never died. The human body died. The Spirit itself was resurrected, or brought “back up” to heaven, because the body was no longer living on earth. God did the work.

Jesus is God. Yahweh is God. The Holy Spirit is God, creating an equal tri-unity tying the three together. The “Son” is God. But, Jesus is not the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit is not Jesus. All are God, in 3 distinguishable persons. Again, it is wise to differentiate between the persons of God, just like switching masks, rather than separating them into different Beings. Recognizing the Divinity of Christ is pivotal in seeing Him as our Mediator who we have access to. This recognition can be the turning point in creating a brand new relationship with Him as our true Savior, Redeemer, and Heavenly Father. Nothing is possible aside from Christ.