Viral Photo of Woman in Tight Clothes: What it Says About You.

Woman in Tight Clothing Photo Goes Viral. Before You Add 1 Word to Describe, Think About This. 

A woman wearing a tight outfit turns into a viral photo on Pinterest and Social media. This is one viral photo that’s commanded attention all over the internet. Comments such as “gross”, “ratchet”, and “fat & disgusting” come together in an all out contest to see who can get the most likes for the rudest comments.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making a Comment

When was the photo taken of this woman? Is there a message you’re not getting?

Is the woman still around, or has she seen the viral photo mockery, and committed suicide after online bullying and humiliation destroyed her life?

No, Really. Think.

Is she now the leader of an anti-bullying group, which teaches the world, through use of a single photo, just how evil society can be?

Did you get made an example of after the rude comment with your name next to it, is now in front of teen bully victim’s eyes? As they learned that you too, judge people based on clothes or looks, are they learning now that adults can be as bad, if not worse, than hateful teens?

Is the woman shown in the photo really “ghetto” like they’re saying, or is she the one in charge of teaching the world to take a good, long look at themselves? Was the viral photo used as a way to teach others?

Her clothes. You wouldn’t wear them. Maybe she wouldn’t wear them either. Maybe those comments about Walmart are exactly what she expected when she had her friend take the well planned photo. Maybe that photo saved the life of a person who has been beaten up, or picked on due to their weight, who was just about to hang themselves.

What Is the Viral Photo Really Saying? 

What is that viral photo really saying? Is it saying this is what can happen to anyone? Anyone can be cyber bullied or mocked, and anyone can still go on living, no matter how poor they are, or what size they are, or whether they can afford expensive clothes. No matter what their issue, they can still go on living. All it takes is realizing they’re not alone.

Look at the photo again. If you made fun of a woman’s weight, or the clothes she wore when she was testing you, how much worse off are you, than her?

Or Worse…

Is it saying that this is the way she looked before she got into a car accident after being hit by a drunk driver? Is she now in a wheelchair? Is she looking at that photo saying, “If I try hard enough, one day I can stand and walk again”? Might she have the kind of perseverance you wish you had?

What the photo is saying to me is that this world we live in cares more about clothes than they do about Christ, who said not to worry for what we will wear. This is a world in which we are defined on what others see, rather than who we are in our hearts.

What the photo is saying to me is that people can change their clothes, and they can change their shoes, but they cannot change the evil floating through their veins. That’s the evil that doesn’t take a look in the mirror, but rather focuses on other’s imperfections. The evil that says, “Focus on the outside.” The evil that says, “I am better than that person.” The evil that says, “I would never make a fool of myself like that!”, while they never even realized they just did.

The photo caption should have one word….


If You Are Being Bullied…. Have Perseverance.

If you are being bullied, there is more to life than what people say about you. Whether it’s your clothes, your body size, your car, your sleep schedule, your home, your glasses, your anything…. Life goes on, and you must have perseverance. There’s something to be said about a society that doesn’t have Christ in their hearts, and those that don’t even realize how corrupt their minds really are. I would say you might want to look around at all the people who have a lot less than you, and I’m talking about morals and character. In 1 year, your life can be entirely different and what you face right now may not be an issue anymore. But, those same people who made fun of you, or humiliated you or insulted you, may still be the same person who lacks human compassion, empathy, true character and love. And that is a lot harder to change.

Read Matthew 6:25-34


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