What to Do When You’re Too Lazy to Read the Bible

What to Do When You’re Too Lazy to Read the Bible: There’s No More Excuses

I don’t know one person that isn’t guilty of this. I have on many occasions been too lazy to read the Bible. Either I was too tired, or too stressed out from a long day, and I knew I did not have it in me to read and retain scriptures. Perhaps you too, have suffered anxiety, which can definitely also put a damper in bible reading. You may be undergoing abuse from a loved one, and that too may affect your ability to easily read and absorb the bible. You’re not alone. This is the one thing, other than prayer, that each Christian could have at one time or another in their lives, done more of.

There have also been times that I made a specific plan to read the Bible, and ended up going to bed without doing it. Then of course there are the times that you begin reading the Bible, and within minutes you either fall asleep, or you have to close the Bible because you just can’t concentrate on what you’re reading. It’s too noisy, too much commotion, or too much to do, and you can’t focus. There have also been times when I had a hard time praying, which also didn’t help to remind me to pull out the bible.

The Audio Bible: The Best Thing Since the Bible Itself

too lazy to read the bibleSeveral months ago, I found my perfect answer. I can now say there are no more excuses for being too lazy to read the bible. Now, I can listen. Anyone with a smartphone, tablet or computer now has no excuse. Each night, before I go to bed, I make a commitment to now listen to the Bible prior to sleeping. It has greatly allowed me to retain the messages of the Word, because now I can actually sit and close my eyes, envision the time, envision the profits and the disciples, imagine the situation as it was happening, see the landscape in my mind, and actually imagine Jesus Christ speaking His holy words to his followers.

I can now enter into a peaceful state of mind which the word of God has blessed me with. I can now say that I retain what I am learning in the Bible, even more than that first time I read and underlined it from beginning to end. I feel that it is the most important last part of my day that allows me to feel the closest to the Lord and Savior. I highly recommend this practice for anyone who wishes to advance in their walk with Jesus Christ.

The app that I have downloaded on my phone is offered by Bible Gateway. The reader is no other than the well known Max McLean. Have you heard of this man? Get familiar with him by watching him recite an entire passage from the bible, by memory. If you’ve not already watched this, you’re in for a rare treat. What a truly gifted man to be able to recite the Holy Word of God in such a graceful and unbelievable fashion.


I recommend visiting your App Store and downloading the Bible Gateway or other bible audio app, and begin your plan today to read the bible in a new and wonderful way. You can now listen to the bible anywhere, at any time. Listen to the bible while you’re driving in the car, resting inside, walking or jogging, at the gym, on a train or a plane, or even planting in the garden. I guarantee you, it’ll be amongst the best downloads you will ever use.

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God’s grace to you as you continue your spiritual journey with the Lord Jesus. May you receive many blessings and gifts which only He can provide. 



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