Basics of the Trinity The basics of the Trinity are not easy for some people to understand. This article provides a brief explanation, of the basics of the Trinity. For more articles, and to go beyond the basics of the Trinity, visit the Trinity Category in the DoctrinesContinue Reading

Trinity Scriptures: Proof of the Trinity  Trinity, from the Latin word “trinus“, means threefold. There are people who claim that the word “Trinity” is not biblical because the word Trinity doesn’t exist in the bible. However, neither does the word, “theology”. Many people reject the idea that God is inContinue Reading

An Explanation of the Trinity For some, it is near impossible to wrap ones head around the idea of 3 persons of God; namely the “Trinity”, or Triune God. We don’t have the capability as humans to understand it in a Divine way, because we are not equipped to understandContinue Reading