Discussion on predestination from Reformed viewpoint, with scriptures to support

The Elect: How Do They Get to Heaven? (An Analogy) I discussed the topic of salvation in a video. Inside of the discussion, I discussed the elect class, those who are predestined to be with Christ in heaven after their death. (See: Predestination) A listener politely asked the question, “WhatContinue Reading

sealed with the holy spirit

There is power behind the words of the first chapter of Ephesians which truly define the miracle of salvation in Christ. While the chapter itself can be read in just minutes, the Christian doctrine which is within this chapter is pivotal and essential to understanding the gift of salvation asContinue Reading

Predestination: Clarifying the Doctrine (with Predestination Scripture References) There is much controversy over the topic of Predestination in the Bible. The most common phrase used to add color to this topic is “Once saved, always saved”. There exists a problem with this phrase, because it can be looked at inContinue Reading

Predestination and the Book of Life and how it relates to Predestination in the bible. The Book of Life, which is mentioned in the Bible, may very well be one of the most overlooked and misunderstood topics in the Christian course of study. There has been much confusion among manyContinue Reading