Message to Atheists

Ex Cult Members Turned Atheist – A Christian Perspective Elder Tom takes the podium, prepared to give a talk that he’s been educated on for some time now. He’s got a book of study notes, lots of articles to reference, and publications in his home library that he’s able toContinue Reading

Jehovah’s Witness Cult Teen Suffers Mother’s Wrath A 16 year old teen reminds us of the alarming reality of Jehovah’s Witness child abuse. Ridden with anxiety, he has been reminded by his cult parent that his birth wasn’t wanted. He wants to go to college. He apparently wants to getContinue Reading

There will always be unbelievers. There will be those who do not believe in God, and who don’t like to be called “unbelievers”,  because they believe that to not believe in something, that something has to exist in the first place. There will be those who say Christ may haveContinue Reading