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Islam: Plans of Church Fires & Arson in Muslim Terrorist Magazine

Islam Magazine Advises Muslims to Kill: Church Fires, Weapons, Vehicles The magazine called Rumiyah (Arabic: رومية‎) means “Rome”. Rumiyah is a reference to a hadith. […]

Why Jehovah’s Witnesses Are Banned in Russia

Russian Federation Claims Jehovah’s Witnesses Seek to Divide Families   The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation started a case against the group in Russia […]

Cult Members Taught to Abuse Ex Members Through Emotional Torture and Ostracism (JWs, Mormons, Islam, Scientology)

Cults: The Well Trained Masters of Psychological & Emotional Abuse Many cults such as Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Islam, and Amish teach members to obey their […]

JW Apostate Talk – Elders Cut off Mic & Kick Him Off Stage (Must See!)

Disfellowshipped Ex JW Apostate Gives Talk, Speaks Truth, and Gets Microphone Shut Down While Preaching Don Albert may be the one disfellowshipped ex Jehovah’s Witness […]

Islam vs Christianity Beliefs – List of Differences

Islam vs Christianity Beliefs: The Basic List of Differences Here are the most basic differences between the teachings of Islam and the teachings of Christianity. In […]

Jehovah’s Witnesses Banned in Russia: Kingdom Halls to be Seized

Russia Supreme Court: Jehovah’s Witnesses Banned: “Extremist” Religion Must be Liquidated April 2017 News Jehovah’s Witnesses have been banned in Russia after the group was […]

Watchtower Shunning Backfires – New Abuse Strategy

Watchtower Shunning, Reverse Psychology, and the Ultimate Spotlight on Abuse   The Jehovah’s Witnesses are recognized as a cult by most world renowned psychology experts […]

Jehovah’s Witness Kids Video Shows Bombs & Death

Jehovah’s Witness Kids Video Shows Horrendous Images A disturbing video has been uncovered online which is geared toward Jehovah’s Witness kids. The video, not unlike […]

Jehovah’s Witness Beliefs Proven Unbiblical and Demonic

Jehovah’s Witness Beliefs – False Doctrines and Distortion of Scripture Proven Unbiblical and Satanic. Here are some Jehovah’s Witness beliefs and practices which have been tested […]

Jehovah’s Witness Cult Deprogramming: Frightening Reality

Essential Jehovah’s Witness Cult Deprogramming: The Cold Hard Reality of Religious Shunning in JWs No cult talk, no cult language. This is a lesson on deprogramming, […]

New Membership in International Cultic Studies Association

Announcing Membership in The International Cultic Studies Association I am delighted to announce my membership in the International Cultic Studies Association,  (ICSA) a legitimate corporation […]

More Errors Found in Jehovah’s Witness New World Translation Bible: Apostate

More Intentional Repeated Errors in New World Translation Bible: A Study on “Apostates”. Word Study: APOSTATE added to New World Translation. This article will state the […]

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