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Advanced Studies in Christian theology, reformed theology, and Christian bible doctrine

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Where to Find Free Bible Literature There are Christian organizations that provide free Bible pamphlets, bible tracts and brochures for your personal learning or ministry. We would like to invite you to get curious about one such place: Chapel Library. This wonderful resource offers downloads as well as printed materialsContinue Reading

Does “Jehovah” Mean God of Mischief,  Ruin, or Destruction? A critical look at the forms of the name of God: YHWH, JEHOVAH, & MORE.   Old Hebrew: Yehuâh Greek: ieuou and ieu Latin: Yehova and iehoua Early Masoretic: Yehwâh Late Masoretic: Yehouâh Modern: Yehowâh, Jehovah   Jehovah is translated asContinue Reading

Who Is Michael the Archangel? Is it Jesus?   Michael the archangel – An examination of Biblical text to advance your studies Disclaimer: This writing is in no way meant to lead you into one direction or another on the matter, nor to instruct you to change your views. ItContinue Reading

Earthly Free Will and the Sovereignty of God Someone asked a question on a forum regarding what part free will plays with God’s sovereignty. I answered the question the best way I could explain it, and will share that answer with you here (though in more complete form). While someContinue Reading

Born Again Christian: What does it mean to be born again in Jesus Christ?  At what point does the calling of God land on all men? At what point does it only affect a certain number of men? At what point does man truly recognize the calling of Christ, soContinue Reading

To the Brothers in Battle: Christians disputing Doctrine The wonderful things I have uncovered in theological and doctrinal studies have led me to a place today where I have uncovered many deep mysteries, and yet still have so much more to learn in Christ. Such joy comes as a result,Continue Reading

Predestination: Clarifying the Doctrine (with Predestination Scripture References) There is much controversy over the topic of Predestination in the Bible. The most common phrase used to add color to this topic is “Once saved, always saved”. There exists a problem with this phrase, because it can be looked at inContinue Reading

Predestination and the Book of Life and how it relates to Predestination in the bible. The Book of Life, which is mentioned in the Bible, may very well be one of the most overlooked and misunderstood topics in the Christian course of study. There has been much confusion among manyContinue Reading