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A place to go for daily Christian encouragement, scripture studies, theology teachings, and everyday topics that can help you grow in your walk with God. Spiritual Beliefs of Doctrines of Faith are based on years of biblical study, advanced theological understandings and Christian principals. Read the various topics to begin getting spiritual encouragement, so you are ready to face your day with meditation on Christ and His grace.


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Christian Doctrine Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult or Intimidating. 

There are many phases of doctrine shared by mainstream Christian religions. Some share the same common denominators, while others are divided in their denomination based on differences in interpretation of scripture. Doctrines of Faith attempts to simplify theological and Christian doctrinal principals by breaking it down into laymen’s terms and easy to comprehend language.

Much assistance comes from the fathers of the Reformation. However, there is a way to learn properly without getting overwhelmed with the depths of scholarly study or theological confusion. It can be simplified, though I do give you an Advanced Scripture Studies section if you visit the blog articles page. Doctrines of Faith Christian blog attempts to assist readers with simplifying theological study to make it more interesting to learn. To see more about the beliefs that govern this website, visit the Beliefs page.

Doctrines of Faith Christian blog website will provide guidance on how to get closer to Jesus Christ, how the Holy Spirit works, how to stop sinning, help with prayer, and help understanding how we can grow spiritually. There is ever a Prayer Request page where you can request prayers from other readers. 

Advice offered by Doctrines of Faith is not a substitute for reading the Word of God, the Holy Bible. Christians may use Doctrines of Faith blog articles as a guide to assist in choosing topics for Bible study and testing accuracy of statements using scripture. I believe that the Bible is the infallible and inerrant Word of God, and a life book which was inspired by God, offered to His chosen people. 

Make a commitment to get closer to God. Explore various topics, take bible quizzes, and advance in your walk with Jesus Christ.

Some topics covered in Doctrines of Faith blog are:

We all need assistance at some point in our Christian lives, especially those suffering affliction. No one man has ever had it all figured out except Jesus Christ Himself. Even the apostles and disciples of Jesus needed to ask questions. May Doctrines of Faith blog site serve as an additional resource for you as you advance in your spiritual journey and biblical understanding.