Silent No More: Warriors For Christ in the End Times The time has come for Christians around the world to ready for the war for souls. The uprising has begun and we need to guard ourselves, and prepare for Christ’s coming now more than ever. We have been given admonitionContinue Reading

When Will Jesus Come? There are hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people who don’t know what will happen in the end times, before Jesus comes. A good many people see war, and automatically say, “The end is coming.” Well, it is coming. No one knows when; not pastors, selfContinue Reading

At what point is the line drawn where my responsibility ends and grace begins?   A gentleman posed this question to me regarding his own responsibility in dealing with sin. This question is one that has resonated in the mind of anyone who was deeply concerned about their salvation. ItContinue Reading

Woman in Tight Clothing Photo Goes Viral. Before You Add 1 Word to Describe, Think About This.  A woman wearing a tight outfit turns into a viral photo on Pinterest and Social media. This is one viral photo that’s commanded attention all over the internet. Comments such as “gross”, “ratchet”,Continue Reading

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Living the Christian Life: The Hardcore Truth and Reality If you think about Jesus’ advice for Christians, one thing stays the same. Everything He advises involves doing the right thing. Sometimes the things Jesus asks followers to do seem impossible. We can’t hate or hold contempt against people who hurtContinue Reading

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SOLDIERS FOR CHRIST Our God is a blessing knowing no time, space or boundaries. Our Lord is the majestic Being that exists beyond our imagination, right on through to eternity. Our Father is our guarantee of grace, of comfort, of love, of holiness, of home. Our King is the pictureContinue Reading

Predestination and the Book of Life and how it relates to Predestination in the bible. The Book of Life, which is mentioned in the Bible, may very well be one of the most overlooked and misunderstood topics in the Christian course of study. There has been much confusion among manyContinue Reading