Biblical teachings on advancing your faith in Jesus Christ.

Choosing Christ Over Money: Would You Do It? Identifying Where Your Heart Really is for Christ If you knew that there was 5 million dollars waiting for you in a bank, but in order to receive it, you’d have to permanently denounce Jesus Christ, would you take the money? IfContinue Reading

Are You Ready for Jesus to Come? If Jesus Came in Two Hours, Would You Be Watching?  I ask myself many times : If Jesus showed up right now, coming on the cloud in the distance and appearing larger than life as I know it, what would it feel like?Continue Reading

What is Faith?  The word faith is found over 247 times in the King James Version of the Bible, and 278 times in the English Standard Version. Translators of the Bible will use English words that they feel are best suited based on the context, or situation of that passage,Continue Reading

Unshakable Faith: A Gift from God Dedicated to Peter E. Every now and then, we come across someone who is a great inspiration to all who know them. Someone who, even when faced with life’s biggest challenges, keeps their faith in God without complaining. Someone who teaches us through ourContinue Reading

The Power of God Did you ever stop to realize just how powerful God really is? Did you ever stop and look at a bird, watch him walk across the ground, and realize that God, in His almighty power, has the ability to lead that bird to the exact spotContinue Reading

If you’ve ever wondered if God is listening, you are amongst millions upon millions who have wondered the same thing throughout time, no matter what their religious affiliation or denomination. Some of the greatest ministers in history must have wondered at some point in their lives, “Is God listening toContinue Reading

Prayer for Holiness Learning the importance of more effective prayer. One of the most complicated and sometimes frustrating things that a student of the Bible can ponder is the mystery of just how to get closer to God and live a holy life. It seems no matter how much prayerContinue Reading