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Where to Find Free Bible Literature There are Christian organizations that provide free Bible pamphlets, bible tracts and brochures for your personal learning or ministry. We would like to invite you to get curious about one such place: Chapel Library. This wonderful resource offers downloads as well as printed materialsContinue Reading

Silent No More: Warriors For Christ in the End Times The time has come for Christians around the world to ready for the war for souls. The uprising has begun and we need to guard ourselves, and prepare for Christ’s coming now more than ever. We have been given admonitionContinue Reading

Testimony of Satanist Turned Christian – Atheist Drug Addicted Tattoo Artist is Drawn to Christ 39-year-old Brett Prince is a “Satanist turned Christian” tattoo artist from Ohio, USA. As a self-proclaimed atheist who lived a life of drugs, drinking, sex, partying, fighting, and trouble with the law, he attended collegeContinue Reading

The Eyes of the Lord are on the Righteous   2 Tim 2:14-16  Remind them of these things, and charge them before God not to quarrel about words, which does no good, but only ruins the hearers. 15 Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, aContinue Reading

Does God Punish Bad People? Am I Being Punished? Is it God or the Devil? You’ve been wronged. You suffer because of something that someone has done to you. Whether it provoked sadness, anger, a feeling of betrayal or despair, you are only human to have these emotions. It happensContinue Reading

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Addicted to Sin – Who Isn’t ?   There is no question about it. The people of the world have become sucked into the news of hell on earth and blatantly addicted to sin. Bombs going off, scandal in the government, shootings and murders, violence, crime, political propaganda, media lies,Continue Reading

Bible Schools: Seminaries, Colleges, Institutes, Churches; Which is Which? There are millions of Christians. Out of those, there are hundreds of thousands in the world who have either casually dabbled in or intensely studied the bible and theology their entire adult lives. There are thousands who have made it theirContinue Reading

Return to Christ in Daily Life Have you ever noticed that as time goes on, the world seems to get angrier? Love is shown less. Battles seem to get bigger. Hatred is spreading. Even social media can begin to turn you into a different person. Have you bounced around inContinue Reading

Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners : A Top Recommended Book For Those Wrestling with Sin, Salvation, Doubt, and Sinking Faith Will God forgive? Is the grace of Jesus Christ really sufficient to cover your past sins? How will you ever accept that God’s grace is enough to clearContinue Reading

Pilgrim’s Progress: The Top Ranking, Best Selling Christian Book of All Time for All Christians, Beginner to Advanced Other than the Bible itself, Pilgrims Progress is said to be the best selling Christian book of all time. One of the most notable books in Christianity was penned by the greatContinue Reading

Woman in Tight Clothing Photo Goes Viral. Before You Add 1 Word to Describe, Think About This.  A woman wearing a tight outfit turns into a viral photo on Pinterest and Social media. This is one viral photo that’s commanded attention all over the internet. Comments such as “gross”, “ratchet”,Continue Reading

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Pray Better Tonight: How to Pray to God More Effectively I’ve done a few posts about prayer, and even dedicated a category to it. But, not everyone takes the time to go through old blog posts and read every article. (I know I don’t) That said, I’m going to simplifyContinue Reading

20 Tips on How to Move On and Deal with Broken Relationships There are hundreds of thousands of people who leave various kinds of relationships every day. There are personal friendships and relationships, business relationships, highly controlling religious organisations, family bonds and many other things that can cause separation anxietyContinue Reading

What to Do When You’re Too Lazy to Read the Bible: There’s No More Excuses I don’t know one person that isn’t guilty of this. I have on many occasions been too lazy to read the Bible. Either I was too tired, or too stressed out from a long day,Continue Reading

The Power of God Did you ever stop to realize just how powerful God really is? Did you ever stop and look at a bird, watch him walk across the ground, and realize that God, in His almighty power, has the ability to lead that bird to the exact spotContinue Reading

  Are You Closer to God or Facebook: 7 Questions to Ask Yourself. (And How You Can Get Closer to God) The questions posed here are meant to promote spiritual growth, encourage self improvement, assist Christians in balancing their time, and challenging themselves to be honest in their spiritual priorities. SeeContinue Reading

  30 Signs You’re In An Abusive Relationship (For Women Who Have Had Enough.) Many women throughout history have at one time or another have been in a relationship with an abusive man. Many have experienced tremendous emotional pain from these experiences, and have even covered up what was reallyContinue Reading

Anxiety in anyone’s life can feel consuming and awful. Feelings can seem to cause symptoms that make you feel like you’re losing control, which is common amongst people with anxiety issues. I have suffered anxiety my whole life, including childhood, so I’m all too familiar with the ugly symptoms. ForContinue Reading