Islam’s Teachings from the Quran Scriptures : Muslims Told to Find & Kill Non-Muslims There are Muslims around the world who are refusing to address the most dangerous Quran scriptures (Suras). Muslims who are willing to stand up against the teachings in the Quran seem nonexistent. Many stand by asContinue Reading

islam vs christianity

Islam vs Christianity Beliefs: The Basic List of Differences Here are the most basic differences between the teachings of Islam and the teachings of Christianity. In our opinion, Islam is a cult. To learn more about characteristics of a cult, click here. When looking at the overall differences in Islam vs Christianity,Continue Reading

Obama (proudly): “We are no longer a Christian Nation.” In this article, let’s discuss some statements by Obama, his erroneous and flippant attitude towards the bible, and what he truly seems to indicate about the United States, which has always been proudly known as a Christian nation.   A fewContinue Reading

POPE CALLS WALL BUILDING “UNCHRISTIAN”. NOT THE CASE IN THE BIBLE BOOK OF NEHEMIAH. 2 Chronicles 14:7 “Therefore he said unto Judah, Let us build these cities, and make about them walls, and towers, gates, and bars, while the land is yet before us; because we have sought the LORDContinue Reading

How Ministers Scam Congregations Using Fake Minister Degrees I have a friend who contacted me who has been feeling weird about her church. She said something just didn’t feel right about her pastor. She proceeded to tell me of some instances which seemed to me as if the church wasContinue Reading