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Why Jehovah’s Witnesses Are Banned in Russia

Russian Federation Claims Jehovah’s Witnesses Seek to Divide Families   The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation started a case against the group in Russia […]

Russian Jehovah’s Witness Torture Confirmed, Victim Speaks Out

Watchtower Confirms Russian Jehovah’s Witnesses Beaten and Electrocuted and Victim Tells Story   The Jehovah’s Witness Headquarters have confirmed on their website after we contacted […]

Jehovah’s Witnesses Banned in Russia: Kingdom Halls to be Seized

Russia Supreme Court: Jehovah’s Witnesses Banned: “Extremist” Religion Must be Liquidated April 2017 News Jehovah’s Witnesses have been banned in Russia after the group was […]

The Walking Dead – Satan Manipulates Millions, Including Kids

Millions Absorbed in Brutally Satanic TV Show Reaction from viewers: Screenshot taken from YouTube video paused clips. Notice Jesus pictures hanging in background as they […]

Watchtower Brooklyn Not Giving Enough After Multi Million Profits

Watchtower Offers 5.5 Million in Brooklyn; Not Nearly Enough. Watchtower Society of Jehovah’s Witnesses alleges they will donate 5.5 million to the infrastructure needed in […]

Crisis of Conscience Copyrights: Bootleggers May Get Prison

“Crisis of Conscience” Copyright Holder Orders Cease and Desist of All Illegal Bootlegging Ray Franz is known as the legendary activist who spoke against the […]

Watchtower Governing Body’s Geoffrey Jackson Lies Under Oath

Watchtower Governing Body Geoffrey Jackson Questioned by Australia’s Royal Commission on Sexual Abuse The Watchtower Society of Jehovah’s Witnesses is run by 7 men in […]

New Membership in International Cultic Studies Association

Announcing Membership in The International Cultic Studies Association I am delighted to announce my membership in the International Cultic Studies Association,  (ICSA) a legitimate corporation […]

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