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The Battle with sin in Lives of Christians – Biblical References   The never ending battle with sin is a common trial amongst believers. Questions were posed when I had a conversation with a fellow Christian some time ago as to why it happens in the lives of the faithfulContinue Reading

Struggling with Sin, Temptation and Guilt   There is no man upon this earth who can walk with perfection. All Christians face struggling with sin. There are some self professed Christians who claim they do not sin while preaching hellfire to those who sin differently than they do.  There isContinue Reading

stop addiction to sin

Addicted to Sin – Who Isn’t ?   There is no question about it. The people of the world have become sucked into the news of hell on earth and blatantly addicted to sin. Bombs going off, scandal in the government, shootings and murders, violence, crime, political propaganda, media lies,Continue Reading

Obama (proudly): “We are no longer a Christian Nation.” In this article, let’s discuss some statements by Obama, his erroneous and flippant attitude towards the bible, and what he truly seems to indicate about the United States, which has always been proudly known as a Christian nation.   A fewContinue Reading

At what point is the line drawn where my responsibility ends and grace begins?   A gentleman posed this question to me regarding his own responsibility in dealing with sin. This question is one that has resonated in the mind of anyone who was deeply concerned about their salvation. ItContinue Reading

Prayer for Help with Anger Many of us at times feel like a hypocrite. It is of no surprise, considering our natural attraction to sin, whether big or small. We are conditioned based on our surroundings, experiences, temptations, and even triumphs. We are taught to love, yet at times weContinue Reading

Will I Go to Hell? Hope for sinners If you are not secure in where you’re going when you die, it is of no wonder that you’re here reading this. You are one of millions of people who have secretly asked themselves this question at least once in their lives:Continue Reading

Is it Possible to Stop Sinning? Gain a better perspective on how you’re affected by sin, how God works to cleanse us of it, and what you can do to get a handle on sin that you are struggling with in your life.Continue Reading