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Silent No More: Warriors For Christ in the End Times The time has come for Christians around the world to ready for the war for souls. The uprising has begun and we need to guard ourselves, and prepare for Christ’s coming now more than ever. We have been given admonitionContinue Reading

Christians Marrying Unbelievers: Is the Bible Clear?   There are a lot of questions surrounding the topic of Christians marrying unbelievers. What constitutes “an unbeliever”? Varying schools of thought may suggest that an “unbeliever” can be any one, or all of the following: An atheist (has no god) An agnosticContinue Reading

When Will Jesus Come? There are hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people who don’t know what will happen in the end times, before Jesus comes. A good many people see war, and automatically say, “The end is coming.” Well, it is coming. No one knows when; not pastors, selfContinue Reading

Need to Earn Extra Money? There comes a time in most people’s lives that one needs a little extra money. In my own experience, I’ve dealt with this on more occasions than I can count. Here are some fairly well known ways that can help you get started to earnContinue Reading