Struggling with Sin, Temptation and Guilt   There is no man upon this earth who can walk with perfection. All Christians face struggling with sin. There are some self professed Christians who claim they do not sin while preaching hellfire to those who sin differently than they do.  There isContinue Reading

Does God Punish Bad People? Am I Being Punished? Is it God or the Devil? You’ve been wronged. You suffer because of something that someone has done to you. Whether it provoked sadness, anger, a feeling of betrayal or despair, you are only human to have these emotions. It happensContinue Reading

Christian Suffering and Affliction During times of Christian suffering and affliction, one is quick to become depressed, anxious, saddened or angry that we feel we can’t change our current state. Feelings of despair may creep in, even during our average day. Imagining someone who is depressed usually entails a couchContinue Reading

Welcome to Doctrines of Faith, a website which will provide guidance on understanding how to get closer to Jesus Christ, teachings on Reformed Theology, the process of the Holy Spirit that teaches a Christian how to stop sinning, help with prayer, and help understanding the mysteries of how God worksContinue Reading