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Apostasy Movie Review – The Story of a Family of Jehovah’s Witnesses Facing Adversity   Apostasy, released in September 2017, is a full length cinema movie about life as a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Award Winning Actress Siobhan Finneran, who played the troublemaking maid “O’Brien” in the infamous tv series,Continue Reading

Christians Marrying Unbelievers: Is the Bible Clear?   There are a lot of questions surrounding the topic of Christians marrying unbelievers. What constitutes “an unbeliever”? Varying schools of thought may suggest that an “unbeliever” can be any one, or all of the following: An atheist (has no god) An agnosticContinue Reading

Is Hatred in the Bible? Does God Hate Anyone? (Scripture References) Everywhere we look, we are surrounded by hate. Aside from marital destruction and spats and hatred between schoolyard enemies, the bigger picture has become quite surreal. The state of the world and society as we know it has largelyContinue Reading

Bible Schools: Seminaries, Colleges, Institutes, Churches; Which is Which? There are millions of Christians. Out of those, there are hundreds of thousands in the world who have either casually dabbled in or intensely studied the bible and theology their entire adult lives. There are thousands who have made it theirContinue Reading

Obama (proudly): “We are no longer a Christian Nation.” In this article, let’s discuss some statements by Obama, his erroneous and flippant attitude towards the bible, and what he truly seems to indicate about the United States, which has always been proudly known as a Christian nation.   A fewContinue Reading

Return to Christ in Daily Life Have you ever noticed that as time goes on, the world seems to get angrier? Love is shown less. Battles seem to get bigger. Hatred is spreading. Even social media can begin to turn you into a different person. Have you bounced around inContinue Reading

When Will Jesus Come? There are hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people who don’t know what will happen in the end times, before Jesus comes. A good many people see war, and automatically say, “The end is coming.” Well, it is coming. No one knows when; not pastors, selfContinue Reading

Choosing Christ Over Money: Would You Do It? Identifying Where Your Heart Really is for Christ If you knew that there was 5 million dollars waiting for you in a bank, but in order to receive it, you’d have to permanently denounce Jesus Christ, would you take the money? IfContinue Reading

What is the Best Christian TV Show of All Time?  Little House on the Prairie Wholesome TV doesn’t seem to come along much these days. Turn on the TV and one finds murder scenes, cursing, scandalous soap operas, and reality TV that doesn’t leave much to the imagination, other thanContinue Reading

How to Outsmart a Scammer: Knowledge is power. Here are 25 scams to watch for in daily life.  One thing I have always been sensitive to is the ability to smell a scam. There are simply too many people who buy in too fast to lies, sales tactics, and trivialContinue Reading

Need to Earn Extra Money? There comes a time in most people’s lives that one needs a little extra money. In my own experience, I’ve dealt with this on more occasions than I can count. Here are some fairly well known ways that can help you get started to earnContinue Reading