When Will Jesus Come?

When Will Jesus Come?

There are hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people who don’t know what will happen in the end times, before Jesus comes. A good many people see war, and automatically say, “The end is coming.” Well, it is coming. No one knows when; not pastors, self appointed prophets, laypeople, or anyone who makes a prediction and claims it’s from God. How do we know that the self labeled prophets are incorrect, or blatantly deceiving? Very simply. Jesus said people would prophesy. Yet, He never said that anyone anywhere through time would know when He is coming. No man will be a messenger, because Jesus didn’t tell us of any other Messenger, other than Himself.

The False Prophets

If anyone says Jesus is coming and gives a date, he is not of God. No prophecy in scripture states that anyone else other than God Himself will know of the return. Therefore, it can be surmised that no one will have such knowledge, no matter how tempting it is to listen to an alleged “prophet” telling you what the future holds. Not even the person of Jesus, who was alive on earth as skin and bones, was given such knowledge as a human.

What Will Happen When Jesus Comes? The Last Days

A thorough reading of Matthew 24 is in order for anyone unfamiliar with all scriptures in this chapter.

Here are the reminders, taught directly by Jesus on the Mount of Olives; regarding the signs of Jesus coming, the end times. First, the beginning of the end happens. Remember the following:

  • Don’t believe anyone saying they are Jesus Christ.
  • Don’t be alarmed when you hear of wars or rumors of wars. This isn’t the end.
  • Nations will fight each other.
  • There will be famine in some areas.
  • There will be earthquakes going on.

Following the beginning of the end:

  • Followers of Christ will be handed over to be persecuted, and put to death. They’ll be hated by all nations because they’re Christian.
  • More people will turn atheist.
  • People will begin to betray one another and hate each other.
  • People will turn cold toward one another as wickedness is rampant everywhere.
  • True Christians will keep faith, and this faith will be kept until their death.
  • Christians will preach that Jesus is coming throughout the world.

When Jesus comes


At this time, the end will come. The great distress will be like no other distress the world has ever seen, and this type of distress will never happen again. In fact, this period of time will be short so the true Christians can withstand it and live through it. Even still, at that time, if one claims Jesus is over here or over there, Christians are not to believe it or listen. Men will begin performing “miracles” but the true Christians will not be able to be deceived by this, and they’ll know they’re false prophets and false Christians.

Once the distress ends…

  • The sun will become dark, or burn out.
  • Stars will fall and heaven will be “shaken”.
  • The sign of Jesus will appear in the sky, everyone will see and mourn.
  • All will see Jesus coming on the clouds with great power.
  • Angels will begin gathering the true Christians from everywhere.

We are reminded by Jesus that when we begin seeing these things, it is near, but it won’t happen until all the things leading up have taken place.  We are to keep watch constantly, not knowing which hour this will take place. The true Christians will stay in faith, as already predicted by Christ.


Where Are You With Christ?  Are You Really Ready for Him?

What have we been doing lately? Preparing to make a million? Planning a large lawsuit so we can make someone pay ten fold for their wrongdoing? Obsessing over building muscle, so as to be the most attractive? Planning a retirement that’s 20 years away? Gambling away money in hopes to strike a jackpot? Where is our time going?

What kind of time do we devote to Christ in honoring Him? Truly honoring him. Do we set aside an hour a month for Christ? An hour a week? An hour a day? Do we meditate on what He provides us each day? How hard it is when we are faced with the stresses, challenges, and worries of life. How selfish we are as humans, thinking only of the steak dinner we look forward when we go out on the town, or the tax check coming and what we’ll buy for the home.

If we as Christians are to remain loyal, we must check ourselves for spiritual fitness and endurance when we are reminded by the Holy Spirit to do so. Do you think to yourself that you don’t pray enough? Who of us can say we do? We are given instructions to abstain from unclean things, and sins. We don’t need discipline in our lives, and no one likes it, yet so many of us continue in sinning and ignoring the letter God wrote to us, that sits on the bookshelf. The bible is our letter from God. He will draw us close in our suffering and affliction. Praise Him in all such things, knowing He loves us that much that He would call upon our hearts. Praise Him in good, and praise Him in the sadness. For it is Him we spend eternity with after we finally see Him come to save us from this world, and from ourselves.

Get Right With God


Give glory to God in all things and situations.

Set aside time for God more often. Put it in your calendar. Stick to it. Jesus deserves more than we give Him.

Learn about His Ways, how He operates, the stories of the bible. Read the bible again and again. Study it. Find your life in that Book.

Glorify God that Jesus has given us instruction and wisdom in telling us how it will look and happen when He returns. Study heaven. Embrace the Truth through a personal relationship with Jesus.

Remember that the true Christians will be the ones who endure until the very end. The enemy will beat on you, slap you, punch you, and humiliate you. Praise be to God that He has protected your eternal salvation, even in the midst of it all.



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