Taliban Releases Statement – Muslims in Support

Taliban Releases Statement After Love Gift from Biden (Afghanistan Takeover Brings Muslim Support)

August 21, 2021

In this article (Building blocks of a Cult) 

  • Biden gifts Taliban weapons to kill
  • Taliban Response (Video)
  • Cult Indoctrination – What Muslims Believe Based on Islam (Video)
  • Muslims Support Taliban (Video)

In one of the most preposterous and revolting moves in American political history, Joe Biden has singlehandedly sent shockwaves throughout the world. Gifting the Taliban with billions of dollars of United States weapons and military armor, the Islamic terrorists now hold the very American ammunition that will cause death to an unknown number of hostages and followers of Islam. American tanks, aircraft, weapons, and vehicles were abandoned by the United States, providing the Taliban with the power needed to exterminate anyone they see fit to wipe off the face of the earth.

The move has caused millions of Americans to watch in horror, as Biden defends his decision to remove American US forces and all but surrender to the Taliban’s lust for power.

“The billions of dollars of advanced weaponry, communication and guidance systems and small arms left behind will haunt us. In surrender we lost high-tech drones, artillery, armored vehicles, aircraft, state-of-the-art gear including night vision, GPS targeting systems, mines, radar and lots more for the Taliban to use as they please or sell, arming Islamic terror around the world. Well-run retreating armies don’t leave their weapons for the enemy to use against them. In Afghanistan’s debacle, the blame must fall on the commander in chief and his staff. Mr. Biden owes Americans an accounting of every weapon, munition and technology left to be used against us.”

Lt. Col. George Franco, USA (Ret.)
Springfield, Va.

TALIBAN LEADER GIVES STATEMENT (Warning: Cult Indoctrination)


Abdul Qahar Balkhi (Taliban) gave a statement to Al Jazeera. He claims the Taliban now has a relationship with America. Expressing displeasure at the people attempting to escape Afghanistan, he appears to convey a message that purports, “We’re not an enemy,” while then promoting the enforcement of Sharia Law starting with their own ranks, with “the rest of society to follow suit.”

At first glance, the message almost resonates a sense of relief. But that is the #1 lure of cults: to create a sense of security, and build an “us versus them” scenario. The seasoned and well researched minds of Cult experts will immediately discover the indoctrination, and alarm bells will sound.



**(Warning: Video has been observed to contain a message of Cultic Indoctrination which may not be easily identified by most viewers.)**



Muslim Beliefs Under Islam Teachings – Why it Matters NOW

This is quite possibly one of the most important lessons you need to understand well, and understand quickly.

Dr. John MacArthur, American Evangelical Christian Pastor, warned the world in 2012 in this surreal video, which now may be more important than ever to watch. The world has propagated the false belief that Islam is a religion of peace, and Muslims are harmless. Are they? What do they actually believe?


Islam teaches that the first man to come in the End Times is the Mahdi (“The Savior”.)

The Mahdi:

  • will slaughter all who will not worship Allah and reject Islam
  • will establish the kingdom of Islam.
  • will have an army, going from nation to nation to punish the unbelievers. They will carry black flags, containing the word “punishment.” First they’ll go to Israel, slaughter the Jews and establish their role on the Temple Mount.
  • will make a peace agreement with the Jews and the West for 7 years, establish a World Headquarters at Jerusalem, and they will establish Islam all around the earth.
  • will find hidden scriptures (the hidden Torah,) and show the Christians that their scriptures are wrong.

The Mahdi is the exact picture of the Biblical AntiChrist of Revelation 13. All details match exactly as the Bible states.

Takeaway: The AntiChrist of the Bible is Islam’s Savior. Islam’s AntiChrist portrays Jesus Christ.


Watch the entire John MacArthur video on Islam & the AntiChrist here:


Muslims Celebrating the Taliban Takeover (Warning: More Cult Indoctrination)

After the Taliban took over Afghanistan in the past week, this 9 year old video has attracted a new flood of support by Muslims. They have been easily fooled into supporting and praising the Taliban based on the content of the video, which is prime cultic indoctrination. You will not find this on the Liberal News Media at it’s a known fact that the Taliban has been classified as a Terrorist organization.

It’s already becoming apparent that within a matter of days, a large percentage of Muslims (and several Americans) are already in support of the Taliban. This is how cults expand, and Islam’s main purpose is to do just that– advance the spread of Islam throughout the world. Taquiyya is a teaching of Islam that dictates that a Muslim is permitted to be dishonest when needed in order to stay alive or advance Islam. In essence, they can make up entire scenarios if it serves to potentially expand their footprint.

Taliban in Afghanistan – Kahlid Yasin (2012)

Comments appearing on Youtube under this video:

“Watching this today, when it has been 5 days since entire Afghanistan has fallen back to the talibs, makes me cry in joy.”

“Back then the Taliban conquered Afghan in 2 years. Now they did it again in 2 weeks. Allah is truly with them!”

“This is why I always tell people don’t rush into judgement of jump onto whatever everyone else is saying without cause of facts. Thank you my brother for clearing things up.”

“god blase [sic] the taliban”

“Allah swt [sic] again granted victory to the Taliban. Imperial nations were made to lick the dirt and run like the cowards they are.
The Quran 08:30 (Surah al-Anfal) “They plan, and Allah plans. Surely, Allah is the Best of planners.”

“I’m not a Muslim but I have a lot of respect for the Taliban.”

“Congratulations to our brothers and sisters Talibans may Allah guide them to truth Islam and make it easier for them. Let’s muslims support our brothers and sisters.”

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