Bible Trivia for Kids

Bible Trivia for Kids

Welcome, little Bible students! I have created a fun Bible Trivia quiz for kids. Do you know your bible basics? See how many answers you can get right. There are a few hints provided along the way in some of the questions. There are 20 basic bible questions designed to help you enhance your knowledge of the bible. If you’re stuck on an answer, go ahead and guess! Have fun with Doctrines of Faith new Kids Bible Trivia quiz!

Bible Trivia for Kids quiz: You will be graded like a school test, with 100% being your maximum score. Get the last question right, and you’ll get a bonus of 20 points! Have fun! Share with your friends and see if they can answer the Bible Trivia questions!

Kids Bible Trivia -(Ages 8-13)

Doctrines of Faith provides Bible Trivia Quizzes for various learning levels, from children to adult, easy to difficult. Choose a quiz and test your Bible knowledge, and see how you do. Enjoy yourself and please come back o check for new quizzes!

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