Christian Message to Atheists

There will always be unbelievers. There will be those who do not believe in God, and who don’t like to be called “unbelievers”,  because they believe that to not believe in something, that something has to exist in the first place. There will be those who say Christ may have existed, but He was nothing more than a story teller, and there will be those who believe the bible is full of contradiction. Consequently, believers in God are challenged, mocked, attacked, and backed in a corner when asked to “prove” their God exists. The number one reason all people who don’t believe in God feel the way they do, is because of their assertion that “no proof exists”. And to them, I offer this Christian message to Atheists.

If you did not have the power to lay the water upon the land, hang the clouds in the sky and teach them when to release water, or lead a bird to the ground at the precise spot and moment where it will find it’s food, or give the bear instinct to go into hiding, or give the human heart the desire to love God, whom you claim is not real, then how shall you say that you have more knowledge than the God we love?

If you have the ability to cause a nation to cry out for mercy through faith in their God above, or cause the seasons to separate from one another, or teach each organ of the human body how to operate in order that you can know when to eat, breathe, sleep, and cleanse yourself, or if you possess the power to create morning so that you know that the body must rise and life be tended to, or if you think you have the ability to go back and observe the new existence of the universe, or know which part of life to bring into existence in perfect succession, then why did you not accomplish these things on your own?

If you believe you have the answer as to where your nothing began, or how to even create the existence of a beginning and an end, or if you can rightly place the stars in the sky in order that all eyes can see the formation of shapes, or if you can teach the animals how to clean and care for their young, or if you can create such wisdom in the birds or sharpen the eyesight of an eagle in flight, or open it’s mouth when it’s hungry, then far be it from me to hold my Lord higher than your opinions.

If you have an answer as to how to create in man his natural discernment or instinct, so that he knows what his neighbor doesn’t know, or if you have the power to cause life to grow for the same number of months based on the requirement of their type, or if you have the power to keep the dead buried, or fathom such a creation as heaven, or even to instruct the human mind to grasp how to teach another, or cause an ear to be placed just where it is in order to hear in all directions, or create two eyes working in unison, or to bring the heart of one from warmth to stone in but a moment, then your assumptions and questions have merit much more than I had expected.

If all of these things are beneath you and you are capable of at least half of them, then you qualify to be placed above the Being that you claim does not exist, with more knowledge than any Divine God or creature. If you are not able to cause such things, then you do not have the ability to guide my instinct in such a manner to accept your allegations that my Lord does not exist. The message to Atheists is clear; One who does not believe in God cannot possess the ability to cause the chosen followers of Christ to be loosed from the grip and protection of God, Himself. (John 10:28)

Nor will any man be able to guide me to a life of a non existent Christ Jesus. For though He may not be your God, your Master, your Salvation or your reason for offering gratitude for that which you have been given, He is my God, He is the God of the nations, He is the God that exists without your approval, and He is here to stay.

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