10 Points on How to Stop Sinning

Is it Possible to Stop Sinning?
Gain a better perspective on how you’re affected by sin, how God works to cleanse us of it, and what you can do to get a handle on sin that you are struggling with in your life.

glory to god

Romans 3:23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God

The word “sin” is mentioned nearly 450 times in the bible, throughout the old and new testaments. Take it very seriously. Understand it well. Know how to tackle it biblically. Above all, know that it is impossible to be sinless. There is actually no way to know how to stop sinning, because technically it is not possible. Man is loaded with much more sin than he ever realized. Let the day never come when the Lord reveals to us just how sinful we really are. Such a list of transgressions that identify our true measure of guilt before God could surely bring us to our knees. Oh, how the mercy of Christ is so undeserved.

The first step is recognizing just how sinful we really are. Beg the Lord that He will cleanse the sin from your very being. Truly, the only way we have any chance of improving our lives is that we ask our Savior for His Spirit to intercede. The number of sins mentioned in the Bible of which we can be found guilty is many. The amount of sins for which we are actually guilty is astounding. Truly we must identify that as humans born in such an imperfect state, we have no ability to dress ourselves holy. Unless we possessed the secret Council of the Most High God, not one of us is able to define such a way to become holy on our own. For if we did possess such secret knowledge, would not our lives be that much easier?

There is but one remedy to reduce sin. That is, staying close in our walk with Christ. We find that in our desire to be holy, we have even more intolerance for sin. While we find ourselves going through the motions of daily life, how easy it is for us to become sidetracked. How is it possible with all of the trials and tribulations that we deal with each day, to be so conscious of our sin that we stop and ask for forgiveness each time? It seems our only option is to humbly ask Christ to speak to our conscience and remind us when we are acting out of accordance with His Will.

10 Points on How to Stop Sinning:

Only the Holy Spirit can accomplish the cleansing of sin. What should we ask for in submissive prayer, so that we can experience more spiritual fulfillment? Here are some key things to keep in mind:

1. Ask Jesus to cleanse your sinful heart, removing the desire to commit sin, so that you will be found favorable in His sight.

2. Remember to ask Christ to provide you with His Holy Spirit so that you will be armed with the fruitages of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, and self control. We do not have access to these spiritual gifts part from Jesus Christ.

3. Ask your heavenly Father in full submission to give you the desire toward holy things which are acceptable to God.

4. Ask Christ to dwell within your heart throughout your day and evening. Ask that He remind you to pray more often during the day, so that your mind and heart shall be more fixed on holiness rather than being so susceptible to sin.

5. In your spare time, remember to keep the Word of God close to you. If you have a pocket sized version of the Bible, perhaps it would be a good idea to bring it with you, leave it in your car, read it on your lunch break, or other times that you would like to reach out to Christ.

6. Sometimes, in our daily routine, it is not easy to reach out to the Lord in prayer. These are the times when we must ask the Holy Spirit to come into our hearts and minds,  intercede in our prayer, and assist us in speaking the words of our hearts. When it seems too hard to pray, always pick up your Bible and read it. If you find it difficult to concentrate on the Bible, perhaps it is time to quiet life down just a bit, go off and be alone somewhere, reflect on the beauty of God’s blessings, and enjoy the blessings that He has provided you.

7. Start thanking God for His blessings more often. How many times do you thank the Lord that the slow driver in front of you was put there for a purpose, possibly to help you avoid a car accident which may have taken place in the next 60 seconds had you kept up your previous speed? Do you think about these things? When faced with challenges during the day, do you remember to thank God that He is with you at all times, and that He will carry you through this? Or are you forgetting this basic spiritual simplicity? In all things, be grateful for God’s grace and favor. You will begin to see yourself being more conscious of your spiritual life in Christ, than your earthly life in the flesh.

8. Remember, we do not test the Lord our God. If you know not entering such a place full of sin and temptations will or May likely cause you to sin, stay away. Find something else to do. Learn new habits. Adjust your lifestyle in such a way that access to your bosom sin is much harder to obtain. If you have a weakness which involves reading, obtain more spiritual reading material, or perhaps even buy yourself a new Bible. It is up to you to ask the Lord to guide you in this issue.

9. Pray that He will keep the devil away from you, and lead you away from temptation. No one is above and beyond temptation.

10. Above all, know that there are consequences to sin. The bible instructs us to fear God and keep His commandments. If we sin, we may be disciplined because God loves us, and He has the power to draw us back to Him. We cannot presume to know of His punishments, until we face what may be His punishment. However, we also do not know what exactly can be classified as punishment, or what is a blessing. Read the book of Job to see what he went through. If you went through this very thing, would you presume you’re being punished? Would you not be wrong?

The more we grow in Christ, the more frightening it may become when we realize that our accountability for our sins becomes greater, as does our desire to stop sinning. When we become more educated, we must become more responsible for our actions. A man who is well educated in Christ knows of the serious consequences to his sins, much more than one who is uneducated in Christ. Let us remember to consistently ask the Lord not only for forgiveness and mercy, but also that He accept our deep gratitude that He has provided us with such grace through forgiveness.

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