Top Rated Book: Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners

Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners : A Top Recommended Book For Those Wrestling with Sin, Salvation, Doubt, and Sinking Faith

Will God forgive? Is the grace of Jesus Christ really sufficient to cover your past sins? How will you ever accept that God’s grace is enough to clear your path to salvation? Is your life one struggle after another? If you really want to embrace that God can truly cleanse you, but it just doesn’t seem possible, then you have found the book that may open your eyes. The book will help you step back in time and travel alongside a man who carried a heavy weight, fighting for his  acceptance of his own salvation. One of the greatest authors of all time, John Bunyan, introduces Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners.

John Bunyan was a British writer from the 1600’s, famous for his work in Pilgrim’s Progress, and it’s followup, Christiana. Bunyan was imprisoned for preaching against the doctrine of the Catholic Church, and still came to be one of the most well known, inspiring, and influential Christian authors in history.

Worry and sin can follow doubters through their daily struggles. More than anything, sin can cause guilt, which may result in anger, frustration and self defeating thoughts. If you find yourself asking God, “Why cant you help me stop sinning?” and have taken to wondering if you have any chance at salvation, then this book is a must read for you.

Do you go so far as to get angry with God or even doubt His existence? Are you careless as to whether you do or do not have His favor? Is this because of some past of disbelief, or something that has shaken your faith? Think about the life you live, and whether you feel worthy of something so holy as the grace and forgiveness and presence of God.

Bunyan spells out a wreckless journey through utter disbelief in God, preoccupation with sin, and the inner battle he fought along the way.


Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners
Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners – John Bunyan, England; 1666


One reviewer writes:

“…The beauty of this work is the Bunyan describes so poignantly what we all experience in our lives: doubt, despair, fears, and failures. Surely this work would give greater confidence to any “sinking and drowning” modern believer. He or she will find in John Bunyan a true companion for the many of us who suffer bouts of doubt, especially as it regards our own salvation…”


The book Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners is not for young readers or those who frustrate easily with books that are not considered “easy reads”. Due to it’s manner of early 1600’s speech, the book may take getting used to, and should be considered an advanced read. For those who appreciate a true masterpiece from yesterday’s Puritan preacher, this book is the perfect read. Grace Abounding will be one book which may change the way you view your own perception of sin, your realization of men’s sinful state, and the profound power of God.


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Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners is a top rated Christian book for Christians, Agnostics and even some who may be moving toward Atheism.


Bunyan’s All Time Best Seller: Pilgrim’s Progress

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