Help with Prayer When You Don’t Know What to Pray For

It is of no wonder that in the midst of difficult times, we try to speak and the words just won’t come out. There comes a time when you need help with prayer when you don’t know what to say. It could be anything from a long year of challenges, pain or despair, to just a few moments of an experience that causes you confusion. Putting the words together that are lengthy or heartfelt enough to form a prayer can seem nearly impossible sometimes. We may be too tired, too mentally exhausted, or just too lost for words to know what to say.

It is during these times when we must try our hardest to reach for the words to speak to our heavenly Father, and request that He provide us help with prayer. He knows of our difficulties in finding the words, and that is when He very well may be waiting to see just how much we will put an effort into communication with Him.

It is of most importance that we recognize that He is there and He is listening. Everyone reaches for prayer at some point in life. It was never said to be easy, or simple to find the words. That is why our Father Jesus has given us a simple guide to use at times like this. “Give us this day our daily bread,” are simple enough words to repeat. Think of that very simple request to receive food, and how fortunate we are to receive such a gift. Have you thanked Him for all the other things that you last prayed for, which He has given you? A prayer of gratitude and humble appreciation may be one more step toward advancing in effective prayer. We may not know what to ask for, but we should never wonder or have to guess what we should be thankful for.

Words of prayer need not be extravagant or sound like that of a preacher, unless of course those are the words of your heart. Prayer is not a job, but an honor. The Lord is not the God of revenge and retribution when we are before Him in prayer. He is a God of mercy, forgiveness and grace. He will provide us with help with prayer, so that the words are more easily found, if we humbly ask this of Him.

If you were my friend and you had contacted me to ask why I had not reached out to you in quite some time, imagine how you would feel to hear me say “I was too busy, too tired, and my heart wasn’t in it. Besides, I wouldn’t know what to say anyway.” You would feel offended, and hurt, at the very least. Yet, so many just seem to forget all too easily that the Lord is our friend too, and He is waiting to hear from us.

Pray for your enemies, for those who spitefully use you, and pray that you don’t lose heart. Pray for the sick, that they may he healed through Jesus Christ. Pray for deliverance from wickedness, and to be protected from evil. Pray that the Lord finds you in His good favor, and that He forgives you of your sins, though they are many. Pray that you will not enter or come upon temptation, and that you are reminded gently of your sins when you commit them. Pray that others are led to Christ, for that is the Divine Will of Him. Pray that your brothers prosper in all things and be in good health. And above all, thank Jesus for every blessing you’ve ever been given, even if you weren’t aware of them. Pray here, pray now and pray often. Make prayer as much a habit as waking in the morning. You will find yourself that much closer to advancement in the Lord.

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