JW Apostate Talk – Elders Cut off Mic & Kick Him Off Stage (Must See!)

Disfellowshipped Ex JW Apostate Gives Talk, Speaks Truth, and Gets Microphone Shut Down While Preaching

Don Albert may be the one disfellowshipped ex Jehovah’s Witness in history that ends up with the rarest opportunity. He is invited to give a talk 9 years after being disfellowshipped. He takes advantage of the opportunity and gives them something they’ll never forget: Permission to hear the truth. I am unaware of any other videos anywhere where a JW apostate talk is not only allowed, but filmed and recorded on video.

Don the apostate takes it to the next level and gives straight truth from the bible that distinctly opposes Watchtower teaching. As he’s giving this riveting talk, the elders finally cut off the sound of the podium microphone, interrupt him with a bit of ear-whispering, and dismiss him immediately.

This is one of the most heart pounding of all “fly on the wall” exJW videos that we may witness in our lifetimes. How often do we get to witness a former cult member speaking the raw biblical truth to his former congregation, with all eyes at attention? Next to never.

Facts to keep in mind if you’re unfamiliar with Jehovah’s Witnesses :


  • JWs are not to speak to or even look at disfellowshipped (excommunucated) people, even if they are related.
  • JWs are taught that the organization is God’s only true organization on earth.
  • Most members are too afraid to speak up and express doubts when they uncover the truth about JW.org Watchtower history of false prophesies. Those who speak against the organization can be “spiritually bullied” by elders, and  expelled.
  • Teaching to trust in only Jesus is not allowed. He is not god, per Jehovah’s Witnesses.
  • JW apostates are said by Watchtower Society to be godless.
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide are leaving in droves; embarrassed, humiliated and shocked by the uncovering of lawsuits against the Watchtower Society, history and coverups of the Watchtower, sexual molestation against children, cult-labeling by world renowned religious experts, and the overall brand change of the religion in the past 2 years. Also, the indoctrination is becoming evermore intensive, and the inner workings are being exposed by thousands.
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses are under mind control and are instructed to follow their leaders at all times.
  • Instruction given to congregations by Jehovah’s Witness Governing Body leaders is said to be “God’s” personal instruction to Watchtower.
  • If one leaves the cult, it is said that they are “leaving God”. If they return to the cult, it is taught that they are “returning to Jehovah”.
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses are taught to ignore family members in an effort to force them back to the religion. Ignoring them will allegedly make them want to be loved again by family so they’ll have no other choice but to return.


Watch the video to see how ExJW Don Albert turned this situation into the Kingdom Hall opportunity of a lifetime. This is the only Kingdom Hall JW apostate talk that is directly rooted in truth from God’s Word which properly instructs the congregation.

JW Apostate Talk on Doubting Thomas, and Submitting to an Organization

Caution: Ex JW former cult members suffering from symptoms of potential or diagnosed PTSD may wish to reconsider watching this video if the sight or memories of Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall talks trigger anxiety or depression. Please watch at your discretion.  

Time: Approximately 20 minutes



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