PRINCE – Jehovah’s Witness Cult Extremist

Prince: The Real Truth About Jehovah’s Witnesses & What He Learned From a Destructive Cult.

This article seeks to remedy the many misunderstandings floating around in the media regarding Prince’s affiliation with Jehovah’s Witnesses, governed by the Watchtower Society. The article seeks also to debunk the nature of the “loving religion” in which Prince was a part of. Prince was coerced into a mind controlling cult, and began to not only preach it’s teachings, but actually believed that you the reader, were under the influence of Satan if you weren’t a Jehovah’s Witness.

What Prince Actually Believed

What is The Truth

“The truth” is the word for the Jehovah’s Witness religion, coined by the Watchtower Society who governs the religion. When a Jehovah’s Witness says “I’m sharing the truth with people”, that means they’re sharing JW doctrine with them. They call it “witnessing”. Other religions use the phrase “The Truth” only to identify Jesus Christ Himself. 


Prince would’ve been taught [as a Jehovah’s Witness] that he would’ve died in Armageddon if he did not stop making rock music, being known as an “idol”. This would mean that he may have been faced with an inner battle: choose death or choose concerts, tours, clubs, fans, and the general rock and roll life.


Jehovah’s Witnesses are widely associated with massive and unparalleled cases of depression amongst their members. Inside the Kingdom Halls there are many members who silently abuse alcohol, sedatives, anti-anxiety medication and even illegal drugs. This is a fact that is denied by most Jehovah’s Witnesses who are taught that this is a religion where one can survive destruction. Many are harboring inner fears and phobias which have likely been planted by the doomsday apocalyptic destruction that they hear of throughout their existence as Jehovah’s Witnesses.


The Jehovah’s Witnesses have historic roots in occultism, pyramidology, and false prophesies. Founder C.T. Russell was revered as an icon in the early days by Jehovah’s Witnesses, much like Joseph Smith was the icon inside the Mormon cult.

False Prophesies

Prince may not have been aware of the multiple scandalous false prophesies in the Watchtower Society’s history, which caused many to leave the cult. While the members now claim that they are “8 million” strong, many aren’t aware that hundreds of thousands of members who left the Watchtower aren’t counted in the annual totals. Members are also largely unaware of the covered up false prophesies, including 1914, 1915, 1918, 1925 and 1975, wherein Jehovah’s Witnesses were taught that Armageddon would come those very years. This scare contributed to many JWs becoming baptized out of fear, in order to live through the worldwide catastrophic fire that they were taught was imminent. When the scam was uncovered, many left. To this day, thousands learn of the true history of the church, and decide to leave so as not to be associated with the religion. Many turn to Christ and rediscover a brand new faith through the bible itself, without being led by a religion.

Join or Die

Only JWs will survive Armageddon, per the Watchtower Society. If one chooses to pursue an advanced career or high paying job, or a higher college education, they are taught that such thing is a waste of time, and not recommended, as Armageddon is coming. Most lifetime Jehovah’s Witnesses therefore, do not have college degrees or training. There is also no evidence that the leaders have any college education or advanced theological training from any legitimate seminaries or institutions outside of the Watchtower headquarters own library of their own writings.

Come Back or Die

Prince would have been taught that anyone who leaves Jehovah’s Witnesses on their own accord (called “disassociated JWs”) would die in Armageddon, as would anyone who didn’t return to the religion before their death. The same would be believed about those who were disfellowshipped for sinning.

Shunning Former Members

Prince would’ve been taught through talks given at Kingdom Halls that those who aren’t JWs any longer were “partaking of the table of demons” and not to be associated with, if even by a simple “hello”. Prince would therefore have shunned any members who left, if he was a “dedicated Jehovah’s Witness”. This is considered being “loyal to God” if one abandons and shuns their ex-JW family members, as per the Watchtower Society teachings.

Historic Prince Music

Prince stated at an awards acceptance, “You don’t have to do what I did”, when reflecting on his music career prior to joining JWs. Clearly, he carried it around that he was previously a sinner who may be punished at Armageddon by death, if he didn’t:

1) continue as a JW

2) continue to knock on doors as a “Publisher” (part-time door-knocker title) and

3) attend full time meetings (or, church sessions).

This heavy weight on his conscience may have led to severe self doubts, depression, self hatred and anxiety, if he wanted to continue as a rock “legend”.

Child Pedophilia

The Jehovah’s Witnesses recently were called out by the Royal Commission for Child Abuse in Australia, for covering up child molesters in the church. The Watchtower Society was responsible for governing rules which prompted elders not to report molesters, and to allow them to stay in the congregations around unsuspecting children without being “disfellowshipped” (or, expelled). This was done to “protect the image” of “God’s organization”, per Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Prince jehovah's witness

Jehovah’s Witness Doctrinal Errors

Prince would not have partaken of the wine and bread at Easter, which Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t celebrate. Instead, they call it the “Memorial”. When the plate of bread or glass of wine came around, instead of partaking of it and honoring Christ’s sacrifice, Prince would’ve passed it to the next person. This is actually a rejection of Christ’s sacrifice, which most JWs would deny. The reason for their teaching is that only 144,000 people will go to heaven, so they’re the only ones allowed to partake of the bread and wine.

Prince wouldn’t have believed that Jesus was “God made flesh” because the Jehovah’s Witnesses believe Jesus was nothing more than a prophet, much like the Mormons believe. They believe Jesus was God’s Son, but not “God in the Flesh” as taught in the New Testament. This comes from Watchtower Society’s changes to the bible scriptures that support the Trinity.

Prince would’ve been taught that birthdays and holidays are satanic, proms promote sex before marriage, St. Patty’s Day promotes magic, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are not biblical, and Thanksgiving should be done every day.

Prince would’ve believed he was unable to attend a friend or family member’s wedding or dead relatives funeral if it was held in a church outside of JWs.

Prince would’ve likely believed he wasn’t going to heaven, but would live forever on earth after Armageddon.

Prince would’ve believed that all churches were corrupted and run by Satan. (Clicking link leads to Watchtower website article)

Prince wouldn’t have donated to any other churches or charities, including food drives, donations to the poor, or other large charities. All donations would go to his church only, as was taught by Watchtower.

Prince would have taught that gays couldn’t go to heaven, or even live through Armageddon. Nor would any other “sinners” who continued their sins. He would’ve also believed that a romantic relationship would need to be with another JW who he intended to marry, and he would need to abstain from sex until marriage, lest he get removed from the religion.

Prince would’ve felt a measure of guilt if he was unable to start bible studies and convert others to Jehovah’s Witnesses. This is a standard practice and goal of other JWs. (Link in this paragraph leads to a JW article which uses coercion to coax members into trying to bring more members in.)

If Prince had kids as a Jehovah’s Witness, he likely would’ve not allowed them to celebrate holidays. He would’ve been forced to train them not to become musicians and even refrain from listening to his music for fear it wasn’t “wholesome”.

Prince would have been taught not to spend money on expensive clothes, guitars, houses, cars, or the like. If one doesn’t avoid these things in terms of Watchtower teachings they’re considered “not loyal to Jehovah”.  (Click link for JW article showing this teaching) If one didn’t change their ways, and continued in such a “materialistic” lifestyle, they could risk being disfellowshipped from JWs. This again brings a crossroads for Prince: ditch it all, or die and be rejected and punished by God.

Prince watchtower jehovahs witness
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The Watchtower Won’t Speak (What You Don’t Know About Prince)

The Watchtower Society is well aware that Prince went against their teachings because he remained as an active, legendary, glitzy, makeup-wearing performer. Had he made the decision to become a hardcore JW and leave his lifestyle behind, he would’ve been forced out of  his “materialistic” home, and his entire career would’ve been lost. Had Watchtower Society come forth and stated that he was a JW in good standing, they would be guilty of promoting “idol worship” and “worldly lifestyle choices”, something they are staunchly against. They would’ve had to disfellowship Prince for putting tours before meetings and door knocking (called “field service”) and continuing on a path known for “spiritual destruction”.

However, the money and power behind Prince could’ve caused a massive windfall for Watchtower, had they “publicly reproved” him, a practice whereby JWs who become disfellowshipped are announced as “no longer members of Jehovah’s Witnesses” at their Kingdom Hall meetings. His status and representatives would’ve been demanding of privacy, and a legal disaster would’ve become of Watchtower had they made any public announcements of discipline or reproof at their Kingdom Halls. Lawsuits speak volumes, and Watchtower lawyers are very cautious of playing it safe. Had they “thrown him out” for not adopting a legalist lifestyle in accordance with Watchtower rules, they could’ve faced Prince’s lawyers, who have aggressively defended his rights in the past regarding copyright infringements and other legal calamities. Prince’s lawyers could’ve undoubtedly made mince meat out of Watchtower if they disturbed his image or caused bad publicity for him, considering his worldwide image as an “icon” of the rock and roll arena, and member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Further, Watchtower would have been demonized by media if Prince was ever disfellowshipped for his continued involvement in an “idolatrous” or “worldly” lifestyle. Essentially, they would’ve played it safe, and Prince likely knew they wouldn’t dare kick him out, especially if he was making sizable donations. However, Prince still would’ve known that his “salvation” may be doomed. This would’ve been a colossal burden to carry.


Mind Control

Prince was like any other person who is prone to being coerced by a cult. You, your family, or any of your friends could at any time be sucked into a cult, provided the wrong people are in your path at the right time. The Jehovah’s Witnesses are known as a cult by mainstream Christianity, as well as the International Cultic Studies Association and most psychology and cult experts worldwide.


Warnings to Give Money or Die (Watchtower would teach that this includes selling belongings of value and giving the money to them) 

*Watch the coercive, threatening language used by the cult in the following statement. They call their leaders “the faithful and discreet slave”. Follow the trigger words which are underlined.

Watchtower March 2015 states:

The growing number of prospective sheep count it a privilege to support Christ’s brothers not only in the preaching work but also in other practical ways. For example, they give financial contributions and help to build Kingdom Halls, Assembly Halls, and branch facilities, and they loyally obey those appointed by “the faithful and discreet slave” to take the lead.

The article immediately then speaks of destruction to those who don’t contribute:

“Soon the angels will unleash the destructive winds of the great tribulation…. Therefore, now is the time for those who hope to be judged as sheep to support Christ’s brothers loyally.” – Watchtower 3/15/15


Click here to learn how Jehovah’s Witnesses and other cults use coercion to exercise mind control over members. 

Deprogramming After Leaving a Cult

Former cult members are well aware of the grueling process involved in deprogramming from a cult.  Many times, intense therapy is needed to deal with after effects of extremist views which have been conditioned in the mind after a long period of time. Many are also treated for post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, panic attacks, major depression, mood disorders, and more.

Legends Raised in Cults

Michael Jackson and his family were also self professed Jehovah’s Witnesses who would’ve believed or been taught the same things above. He also was known for debilitating pain and anxiety attacks. This is amongst the most common psychological factors of adults and children of Jehovah’s Witnesses.


Jehovah’s Witnesses from Prince’s Congregation: CNN Interview

While Prince may have believed he would not survive Armageddon, his Kingdom Hall elders believed that he would come back after Armageddon. Watch the CNN interview below.

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