Are You Ready for Jesus to Come? If Jesus Came in Two Hours, Would You Be Watching? 

I ask myself many times : If Jesus showed up right now, coming on the cloud in the distance and appearing larger than life as I know it, what would it feel like? What would I be thinking? Am I really mentally, emotionally and spiritually ready for Jesus to come?

I have stared out the window, up at the sky, and asked the Lord to come quickly. Many Christians around the world who are truly lovers of Christ do this very same thing. Many of us wonder how long it’ll be, determined to preservere, wait and remain a faithful servant on the watch. One day might get us down, and we get depressed and feel beaten down. The next day, we may be eagerly looking forward to the Lord’s return. Has this happened to you?

I often wonder if what I’m doing will turn out to have been pleasing to the Lord. I wonder if He will be proud, or if He will be disappointed in me for my actions, specific doctrinal beliefs, worry over daily struggles and so forth. The never ending question may haunt the mind of a true lover of Christ: “Have I got it right? Is there a different doctrinal belief I should be considering?” It is then wise to leave it in the Lord’s Hands, ask Him to lead our hearts without spiritual pride and condemnation toward others, and keep us in His Hands, as in John 10:27-30. Though we get tired, and face struggles, knowing we are told to stay in faith, are we finding ourselves lacking in that very thing we pray for?

Perhaps a good example would be the great Martin Luther. He was known as “crazy”, and he went through life in constant angst and anxieties. This was a man who affected the world, who set an example, and who was one to admire. But was he really that confident? The history of Luther will tell you, “Certainly not”. A true child of the living God, Luther knew he had accountability for what he taught, and what he believed. It can be pondered, “Did he expect too much of himself, while all along holding the position as a great minister of the gospel”? What was it Luther wanted? He wanted, as most true Christians do, to see the aching of doubt vanish, and the presence of Christ Himself to appear. While he may have well been ready for Jesus to come, it would not have been without at least some anxieties.

So, it is wise to remember that if we struggle with doubt, spiritual anxiety or depression, or perfectionism, we are not only not alone, but also perhaps “normal” and have more in common with the great theological giants than we thought.

If Jesus came tomorrow, would you be ready? Would you be expecting Him? Would you celebrate and marvel in awe? Would you be terrified? Would you say one last prayer, knowing He was within your site? What would you be doing? Where would you be? And will you have been waiting on the watch?

At all times, be ready for Jesus to come. For Christ Himself is coming, and it will be when you least expect it, unless you continue to prepare daily for the miracle you’ve always awaited. May it happen quickly, so that we will be blessed in seeing His Almighty splendor in our own lifetime.


8 thoughts on “Are You Really Ready For Jesus to Come?”

  1. Great blog,Jill.
    Excellent questioning and reasoning about self-appraisal and analysis.
    Are our motives in agreement with that of what Christ demands? Are our actions in harmony with our thoughts and beliefs?
    Are we doing anything that can be construed as selfish?
    A time for self- examination and criticism.
    Kind Regards,

  2. I just started learning about him yesterday. I was watching a movie about his life and cried seeing how he was being persecuted and hurt. The people back then were so mean to him! I want to serve him well and let him know he died for me and I appreciate his sacrifice for us.

    — George Jr West —

  3. I’m so sorry I just found these comments, as I wasn’t notified of any on my blog. I wholeheartedly agree with your statement. Thanks, George.

  4. Wise words from a wise man. Thanks for your endless fine contributions. You always have such wonderful and encouraging comments. Half of them I’m not notified about. My apologies. I have to go through and read them. 🙂 Thanks again, Doc.

  5. Thanks, Danny. I appreciate that you shared the post and as with the others here, I apologize that I was unaware of the comments. Blessings to you.

  6. Oh, thats ok. We all have lives 😉

    Sometimes I doubt I’m really ready for Him to come. Like, I want to warn people, but I’m scared to bring up the subject. It feels like they will stop being friendly with me. Also after leaving the cult I was in a bit back, I have this difficulty even opening about religion, or reading the Bible. It’s like they scared me away from it.

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