Would You Choose Christ Over 5 Million Dollars? God Vs Money

Choosing Christ Over Money: Would You Do It? Identifying Where Your Heart Really is for Christ

If you knew that there was 5 million dollars waiting for you in a bank, but in order to receive it, you’d have to permanently denounce Jesus Christ, would you take the money?

If you knew that with that 5 million dollars, you could be set for retirement and not have to work again, and that you could pay off your debt, and take care of your friends and family, would you take the money? What would you give up, if you had to denounce Jesus Christ from here unto forever?

If You Had to Give Up Jesus

Giving up Jesus Christ permanently would mean you could no longer pray to Him, no matter what the cause. You could never be inspired by another scripture and you’d have to get rid of your bible. You’d also not celebrate any holiday pertaining to Jesus, such as Christmas or Easter, if you were to denounce him forever. You’d be able to spend your 5 million dollars, however never speak of or celebrate Jesus, or anything to do with Him, ever again. Would you do it?

If you took the $5,000,000 dollars, you could buy a new home, get your dental work done, pay off loans, and be free of debt. You could redecorate your home, buy a vacation property, donate to the poor, and put a child through college. You could start the business you always dreamed of, hobnob with the wealthy, eat the finest foods money could buy, and hire staff to manage your life. You could even build a small empire and invest the money, to make even more. But, you’d no longer be able to turn to Christ should anything trouble you, nor could you attend any events at a church. All and any involvement in Christianity of any kind would be off limits. Would you do it?

The Man Who Didn’t Want the Money

A man stood alone, facing that empire, with all of the money, fortune, popularity and stardom right in front of him. He could have it all, if only a denouncement of God took place. All he needed to do was say the word, and it could be all his.

Matt 4:8-11 says “Again, the devil took Him up on an exceedingly high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. And he said to Him, “All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me.” Then Jesus said to him, “Away with you, Satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve.’”

Just the mere act of falling to Jesus’ knees would be all that was required. A statement of dedication to the owner of the empire, proclaiming that he, the devil himself, would be worshipped, was all it would take. Instead, the man called Jesus rebuked the god of destruction, and commanded him to worship Him, and serve Him. The man, as we know of Him, was operating as God in human flesh. Offered a promise by the prince of illusions, Jesus Christ was already the God worthy of worship, with all of the riches that money couldn’t buy.

Knowing ahead as He did that He would die, and that He didn’t have much time left, still, He turned down the empty words and promises of the smokescreen, and dedicated His days to teaching followers how they could find a final & permanent glory and happiness, after their own short time on earth was up.

God vs Money : What Would it Take? 

By bowing to the one true God, Himself, putting faith in Him, and turning down the promises that belong to the king of darkness, you have the ability to receive the endless riches. However, there is a stipulation. You must wait until your time in this waiting room is up, before you can claim your eternal reward. You must endure the sacrifices of leaving the empire behind, and instead claim Christ as your own, while you’re here. You must put Him before men, money, power, and even friends. All faith must go fully into His promise of eternal riches which lie in a place you cannot see yet.

Could you do it? Could you sacrifice the treasures that you could enjoy in the time that you could have left on earth? Would you take the $5,000,000 to spend it on anything your heart desired? Or, would you turn away from it, and put your faith in the permanent riches that would come once you left the waiting room? Would you choose God or money, if you had to decide by tonight?

Have you ever wondered what that would look like? Take a moment to read this passage of scripture reflection for the day. Then decide, would you take the $5,000,000? Could you walk away from it?

Quiet Reading:

Read Revelation 21:1-27 in it’s entirety.


God vs Money: What would you do?

God vs Money

Jesus vs 5 million dollars
Could you turn down $5,000,000 for Jesus Christ? 



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