JW Watchtower Talk: Bible May Not Agree with Governing Body

Recorded Watchtower Talk: Bible May Not Agree with the “Channel”

In a secretly recorded Watchtower talk, a Jehovah’s Witness elder is heard making multiple statements that may just leave members shaking their heads. The contents of this talk are extremely telling, and even frightening.

An outline of the points are as follows:

False Teachers

The talk is yet another Watchtower-inspired warning about the dangers associated with “apostates”. However, strange truths start to come out of his mouth when the listener pays close attention. The elder states,

“From where do false teachers come? They may arise from within the congregation! Such ones are apostates.”

The organization is aware that many members cannot leave because they’ll lose their families through the practice of shunning. Consequently, they’re causing doubt amongst members, furthering the lack of trust amongst friends in the Kingdom Halls, and strengthening the reliance and dependence on the Governing Body superiors.

Apostates Take Christ’s Disciples

Indeed, it is a fact that many ExJWs attempt to reach out to current JWs, to help lead them toward the bible itself, and Christ Himself, through faith alone. Many want to offer support, but moreso show clear bible texts that will awaken the JW to the truth, and release them from the grip of the dependence on Watchtower teachings. The speaker points out that even current members wish to lead people “away” from JWs by leading them to Christ. 

He states, “They are not content just to leave the organization that they perhaps once loved. Their aim is to draw away the disciples after themselves… Rather than making their own disciples, apostates seem to take Christ’s disciples with them.”

Christ’s Disciples are “Wolves”

Many ExJWs wish to introduce current JWs to the truth about Christ, and Watchtower is referring to those who leave as “Christ’s disciples”. I hesitate to point out this may be the ultimate Freudian slip.

But in comes the power of satanic suggestion:

“Like ravenous wolves… out to devour trusting members of the congregation, destroying their faith and leading them away from the truth.”

Herein lies the biggest smokescreen of the devil: Make them think “the truth” that they call themselves overrides “The Truth” that Jesus called Himself. “I Am the Way, the Truth…

The unsuspecting listener who is trained to believe that leaving JWs means death at Armageddon, is subconsciously brainwashed into thinking:

“Follow Christ = destroyed faith = death.”

“Jesus is not the truth.”

Admitting to Changed Scriptures in NWT Bible

In this talk, the speaker also goes on to state the apostates might criticize the revised edition of the New World Translation JW bible. To expand, he goes on to show John 3:16 was in fact changed by the Watchtower. He gives his explanation as to why it was changed, as the new wording now matches their own doctrine of works-based salvation. He says, “With good reason the New World Translation committee worded it that way.” The congregation is supposed to take his word for it, and many likely will, nodding like robots.

Scriptures May Oppose God’s “Channel”

Even more mind blowing is the following comment made by the elder next:

“If someone asks to share a scripture that’s not quite in line with Jehovah’s Channel, recognize that Jehovah’s Spirit doesn’t operate from an individual. It’s the channel, it’s the faithful and discreet slave that explains scripture.”

You read it correctly. Watchtower is blatantly taking the stance that scripture may not be in line with JW teachings or the Governing Body. They continue to teach that Holy Spirit only operates through a “channel” and that biblical understanding can only come through the Governing Body.

They believe they have secret knowledge only known by them, through a “channel” that provides them with information that they “dispense”.

One who does this is known as a Mystic, using the practice of channeling or Mediumship, a form of occultism. Note: (Occultus, Latin for Occult: knowledge of the hidden)

The bible suggests truth & understanding can only come through the Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ. See 1 Cor 12:3,7; Ephesians 1:7-18. Therefore, Watchtower Governing Body is self appointing themselves as Holy Spirit. If they were simply praying for wisdom, they would not call themselves, “God’s channel of communication”.

Questions for Jehovah’s Witnesses:

  • How does each Governing Body member prepare to channel with God?
  • Do you believe in channeling? If no, why are you the only religion who uses the phraseology, “channel of communication”? Communication between who?
  • If I believe I can get special knowledge from God through “channeling” with Him, don’t you teach that such a practice is demonic? How do your leaders perform the act of channeling?
  • Have you ever met all 7 members of JW Governing Body who believe they can get secret information from God?
  • Do the GB members engage in trance like states to communicate with God? How do you know the answer to this question?
  • Have the 7 men who propose to get special knowledge and messages from God provided proof of documented psychiatric evaluation? How do you know they do not have psychiatric disorders?
  • Have you ever studied the minds of cult leaders?

Listen to the rest of the UK Watchtower talk:


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