Mormon Cult Leader Joseph Smith Advised Against Doctors

Mormon Joseph Smith, Founder of the Church of Latter Day Saints Spoke Against Doctors and Promoted Herbs


Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon cult was a big proponent of herbal healing. Nurses and doctors were brought in by Joseph Smith to specifically tend to the sick using only herbal remedies. The cult leader went so far as to denounce doctors. Many Mormons today have easy access to the early writings of Joseph Smith, who’s brother Alvin died from Calomel. The substance was given to Alvin Smith by doctors, which allegedly poisoned and killed him.


An account from Joseph Smith’s journal dated Thursday, April 13, 1843 states:

“… The doctors in this region don’t know much. Doctors won’t tell you how to go to be well. They want to kill or cure you to get your money. Calomel doctors will give you calomel to cure a sliver in the big toe and does not stop to know whether the stomach is empty or not. Calomel on an empty stomach will kill the patient and the lobelia doctors will do the same. Point me out a patient and I will tell you whether calomel or lobelia will kill him or not. If you feel any inconvenience, take some mild physic two or three times and then some bitters [herbs]. If you can’t get anything else, take a little salt and cayenne pepper. If you can’t get salt take pecosia or gnaw down a butternut tree. Cut some boreset or horehound. I will give you advice that will do you good. I bless you in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”


Mormons Still Following Dead Cult Leader

Some Mormons today will state that they do not strictly adhere to the early beliefs of Joseph Smith. However, others are not so easily in agreement with doctors, and even go so far as to completely avoid doctors and hospitalization until the very end. A toddler recently died when his Mormon parents refused to get the child medical treatment. The child suffered from Meningitis and died after two weeks of illness. His parents gave him natural remedies and he became lethargic before he stopped breathing and was finally airlifted to a hospital. He died after 5 days on life support. The parents are now in court and may be charged with negligence.

After Joseph Smith died in 1844, Brigham Young continued Joseph’s teachings which advised to avoid medical doctors.

In 1846, Young wrote to the Mormon Battalion, many of whom may have died at heeding the advice. The letter said:

“If you are sick, live by faith and let surgeon’s medicine alone.  If you want to live, use only such herbs and mild food as are at your disposal.  If you give heed to this counsel, you will prosper; but if not, we cannot be responsible for the consequences.  A hint to the wise is sufficient.”  (August 19, 1846; Letter to members of the Mormon Battalion.)

Mormons Warned Against Hot Coffee and Drinks

Mormon Rachel Bruner answers an online question which asks if one is allowed to simply drink tea. She states:

“Official doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints states that drinking tea is against the Word of Wisdom…. In Section 89 of the Doctrine and Covenants the Lord has revealed that alcohol, tea and coffee (hot drinks), and tobacco are harmful.”

She states that while herbal teas aren’t against the Mormon faiths, black, white and green tea are not in line with the “Word of Wisdom”. So, Mormons are forbidden to drink hot drinks. Again, this is nowhere found in the bible, yet Mormons believe through mind control that these drinks are sins. One may lose their salvation if they don’t repent after a Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks trip.


Lynn Ridenhour, a man who called himself a Charismatic Baptist also fully supported the Book of Mormon. He stated,

“Many of us Americans are returning to the garden of Eden. As Latter-day Saints, we should point the way.” 

Most Baptists in fact, would blatantly reject the teachings of Mormonism. I have yet to meet a Baptist who subscribes to Mormon teachings, considering the beliefs that are so contrary to mainstream Protestant Christianity.


Calling out the Cults

Among many scholars, Matt Slick, founder of Christian Apologetics & Resource Ministry, defines Mormonism as a non-Christian cult. Matt has taken extensive time to study the teachings of Mormonism and weighed them against Christianity. In fact, it is alarming to see how adamant the Mormons are in following the teachings of LDS, without even knowing the early writings of the church. Have a look at this spirited debate between theological expert Matt Slick and a few dedicated Mormons. Keeping in mind that Mormons, like Jehovah’s Witnesses, are trained in debating using the bible, Matt Slick must move quickly and accurately in order to get the Mormon to realize that he does not in fact, have a full understanding of all of the information from the Mormon history.


Mormonism should not be confused with mainstream Christian religions.

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