20 Tips on How to Move on and Deal with Broken Relationships

20 Tips on How to Move On and Deal with Broken Relationships

There are hundreds of thousands of people who leave various kinds of relationships every day. There are personal friendships and relationships, business relationships, highly controlling religious organisations, family bonds and many other things that can cause separation anxiety once the break has occured. There are things you can do to move on when you are wondering how to deal with broken relationships. This is not to say you forget what you’ve gone through. However, healing is your first priority after you’ve had a chance to grieve, and this is how you learn to move on after a breakup or broken relationship of any sort. Here are some ways you can begin to move forward after a separation. Were you involved with an abusive person? Realize that you were a victim. It was not your fault. People use tricky ways to lure others in, and you are no different than anyone else who has ever been a victim of any type of abusive relationship or group.

How to Move On Starting Right Now

Pray: The Lord hears all. Speak to Him and tell Him your innermost fears, thoughts and feelings. Give your problems to the Lord and ask Him to give you strength. If you’re not sure what to pray for, perhaps this can help. 

Talk to someone. If you can’t find comfort in family or friends who just don’t understand what you’ve gone through, find a support group.

Spread out and start looking at the world around you. Take a drive and look at things you never noticed before. Look forward to finding new hobbies, friends, places to stop in to, and establishing a new life for yourself. You’re free. The best part of your life can actually begin now if you so choose. As soon as tonight, you can start feeling a change if you properly follow a mental routine.

Self Discovery: Face the past and step forward. I highly recommend the book, “You are What You Think”. This book is by far one of the best books one can find to take a journey into discovering why you think the way you do, and why you make the decisions you make in life. While some of the exercises in this book may be challenging to face, it will be worth taking a look into your past and linking some of your current patterns with patterns you never realized you developed in your early years. I cannot recommend this book enough. And it’s cheap! 

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Get a new bible: If you have a version of the bible that you used to use in your past religion, and want to start fresh, I highly recommend a new bible. For the price of a tank of gas, you’ll be surprised at how inviting it’ll be once you have a brand new beautiful bible to turn to.

Begin a new hobby: Have you been neglecting everything you’ve wanted to do over the years? Maybe you need to consider the things you didn’t allow yourself to do before. Whatever you used to want to do, and never did, now is the perfect time to remind yourself that you owe it to yourself to enjoy something new.

Change your look: If you’ve always wanted a new look but didn’t know if you’d be accepted, there should be nothing holding you back from giving it a go. You can always change back. Stop dawdling and just go for it!

Advance in studies: Choose a new topic of study. Join a new group full of experts on your topic of interest. If you’re on Facebook, search groups for like minded people who share this interest. Interact with new friends and absorb new information to improve your knowledge.

Move your furniture around: Start rearranging some furniture. You may be used to looking at the same things for quite some time. Change your environment beginning in the home. Bring in a few new decorative items to change it up a little. You’ll likely enjoy walking into a new look.

Write it down: Keep a notebook for times when you’re feeling angry, resentful, depressed or anxious. If you’ve never done this, you’d be surprised how much better you feel when you write.

Save or Adopt a pet: If it’s loneliness that’s got the best of you, consider getting a new pet and providing for it. You have to be sure you can afford the cost of general care. If so, and if you’re able to bring a pet into your home, then somewhere out there, there’s a furry friend waiting to snuggle up and learn new things with you. Animals need you as much as you need them. Please help a pet in need. You’ll feel better with your new sidekick waiting for you to walk in that door every day.

Find a new game: It doesn’t always have to be all work stress and no play. Grown adults play games, well into their senior years. Be a kid again and have a little fun. Download an app and choose something that you know will keep your mind busy. Don’t overdo it though. There’s lots more to fill up your life with, and this is just one thing to enjoy your alone time.

Eat better & get moving: Start finding new recipes to focus on healthy living. Replace chocolate with vegetables. If it’s too stressful to go full throttle, start by replacing half of your bad habits with new good habits. A body in motion stays in motion, so start walking and moving around to loosen up tense muscles and begin breathing in more oxygen (which is good for you). Even if it’s walking around your yard… Get moving now.

Clean your car: Shine up your car, get a new air freshener, and do a good cleaning. You will feel better about yourself driving in a freshly clean vehicle.

Music therapy: Music is therapy, no doubt. Choose the best music that will keep you away from the depressing stuff. If you know you might encounter sad songs on the radio, leave the radio off and listen only to upbeat, energizing music until you’re feeling good.

Get creative: If you have a skill, maybe you can sell it. Or just improve it. Build something, paint something, create something, and show it to friends on social media. You’ll be surprised at how interested people will be. Most people are bored scanning social media and your creation might inspire them to create something too.

Choose a night: Pick a night to spend doing exactly what you want to do and stick to it. Whether it’s reading, working out, watching old movies, or researching, this is your time, and you can spend it however you please.

Encourage someone: Call someone who needs a friend. Check in on the elderly. Take extra time to send someone a message and let them know you care.

Get Your confidence back: Keep your head lifted up in public. Straighten your posture, and walk with confidence. Just because you don’t feel well now, doesn’t mean you can’t begin to take steps to change your own demeanor. Take deeper breaths, getting healthy oxygen. Pay attention to how you’re walking. Are you feeling a healthy sense of pride in yourself? It doesn’t matter what you look like. Self confidence without an ego is beautiful, and you may have to work on ways to build your confidence again.

Seek counseling: There is nothing wrong with speaking to a professional. It doesn’t mean you have to continue with counseling forever. Sometimes, all it takes is just enough reconditioning to get past the pain and start to feel happy or normal again.


Daily Reminder

Above all, never give up, and never feel like you’re alone in your situation. Though it may feel like it now, the world is waiting and life does not stop due to one bad set of rules in a situation. You have been blessed to come this far and you’re on your way to a better life of happiness, provided you just give yourself the opportunity to look at the possibilities.

God’s grace to you as you learn and grow through your situation. Remember that God is Sovereign and powerful, and nothing can happen apart from His allowing it. He knows exactly what He’s doing. Trust in Him always, no matter what.



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